The Dream Voyagers 

 The Dream Voyagers
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The Dream Voyagers Stats
  • Now includes all-new relaxed mode!
  • Enter the chaos of dreams in this surreal Hidden Object journey.
  • Help sleeping residents rest easy using your magical talents.
  • Remove the trouble within and extinguish their nightmares.
  • Preview Video
  • Play bonus levels with different variations.
  • Can you find out who is behind all this madness?

Game Description

Soothe troubled sleepers with your magical powers in The Dream Voyagers, a fantastic adventure that starts once your eyes close.

There's something terribly wrong in the small town of Slumberton. Residents there are experiencing horrible nightmares where their worst fears come true. Haunted by ghosts, by the thought of losing their wealth, and so much more, each is suffering through sleep with no one to help. No one that is, except you.

Help the residents of Slumberton rest easy as you enter their dreams and sprinkle a bit of happiness back in. Clear out the horrors within by traveling through their visions and removing that which scares them so. Use the unique three-way hint system, connect all of their dreams, and figure out the madness causing these strange nightmares. Is there something more sinister behind these unusual happenings?

Find out when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of The Dream Voyagers today!
Genre:  Hidden Object