The Beardless Wizard 

 The Beardless Wizard
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The Beardless Wizard Stats
  • Rack up the achievements and reveal curious secrets.
  • Become a golem, a dragon, or a ghost to the job done just right.
  • Collect magical artifacts.
  • Brew potions and cast spells.
  • Play over 100 levels of wizardly challenge.

Game Description

The evil scientist Oyzo has captured the master wizard Godgory in The Beardless Wizard, a charming and magical time management game. As Eugene the wizard's apprentice, follow a winding quest to find and save your master!

There are many unique tasks to complete and time is of the essence. Find the resources you need with the assistance of hired workers and various quirky characters. Repair and build structures. Plant and harvest. Turn natural resources into usable materials. Gain skills, cast spells, make potions, and choose the right combination of Eugene's character aspects and trainings to get the jobs done. Exchange help with wily citizens to keep your progress moving forward.

Optimism, curiosity, and efficiency will be your allies when you play the free trial version or download the full-version of The Beardless Wizard today!