Text Express 2
System Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 8
  • 800 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 256 MB Ram
  • Uninstall instructions
Award Value: 1 Stamp
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Text Express 2 

Climb aboard the Text Express for an all-new adventure that's full of word game fun! Form words from chunks of coal to keep your train on track and at the station on time. Travel from city to city and expand your railroad empire in Adventure mode, or put your lexical skills to the test with eight different word games in Classic mode. Your ticket to brain-bending fun is on board the Text Express. All aboard!

  • Two Game Modes: Adventure and Classic
  • Achievement Trophies
  • Bright and Colorful Full-Screen Graphics
  • Eight Challenging Word Games in One
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Reviews of Text Express 2
 | Added on: January 30, 2016
My kids and I love this game. We played it together a lot. I have the fast typing skills and they come up with the words. We love this game. Its a great way for us to spend time together.
 | Added on: June 10, 2010
This is a great tool for expanding your vocabulary. Some of the games are almost impossible to win unless you typoe with the keyboard instead of using the mouse (IE: 'squares') For the words you do not know, go to dictionary.com and look them up. It would have been nice if it had been a little slower paced - or the option for a slower pace. It would have been a better educational game if it had. This is the reason I gave it four stars instead of five.
 | Added on: September 13, 2010
Once you adapt to the faster pace, you will discover you are hooked in some unfathomable way. I particularly enjoy the word game options such as Anagrams. The graphics and design concept will appeal to the younger set, depending on their vocabulary level. This game does accept some of those lil' obsolete Scrabble words which I consider a real plus, but I know it can frustrate others. It's still fun to race against the clock (or train, in this case) to see how many words you can form within the allotted time. This makes a very nice addition to your usual game repertoire. If you like making words and want to do it in a more relaxed atmosphere, then I highly recommend Text Twist 2.
 | Added on: June 29, 2011
I find that racing a timer does absolutely nothing to improve my mind or provide any entertainment. In addition the game erases the screen so quickly that you can not learn from your mistakes or improve your efforts in anyway. IMHO this game is a total waste of time. If this game was free, I would not keep it.
 | Added on: January 19, 2012
I enjoy the game, however, I do wish there was a relaxed mode as well as the timed race with the other train. Too many times I've caught myself looking to see where the other train is instead of looking at the letters I have to work with. Also, I really dislike the "Squares" game and the fact that the beginning amount to even start to qualify for high scores is so high. Too many of the games are more than difficult to get @80-90,000 points in one game.
 | Added on: April 30, 2010
I enjoy word games, but I wish this one were more involved somehow. I've only progressed to the second screen of locations - perhaps things get more interesting farther along. I suppose my problem is that it's too easy: each time I find plenty of words, and I could keep going but it tells me I've "won" against my "competitor" (not sure who or what I'm competing against - maybe this was originally meant to be a 2-person game). I'm getting frustrated, because I want to keep finding more words but it shuts me down! Although it's very simple for me, I don't know if it's "kid-friendly" - my 7 year old might be too challenged by it. Probably just right for the 8-12yo set.
 | Added on: May 3, 2010
I think for this game, a person needs to know a lot of words so it was challenging for me. Also, some of the two- and three letter words did not make sense yet they were in the list at the end of the race. For the person that was wondering who you were competing against-at the start of the game or right after the first round, you are racing against another train and in order to beat it, you have to make your train move faster by making a lot of words as fast as you can. It requires a lot thinking if you are not someone who knows a lot of vocabulary words or are not use to playing word games. I would recommend it for older kids.
 | Added on: February 2, 2012
I usually hate time STRESS management games, but this one is very good. You try and click coles to make words to beat the other train. You have a nice variety of ways to make words. You also progress on this track map and you open new buildings and get more passengers and expand existing and new locations. This farther adds to the fun. BY FAR MY BIGGEST CRITICISM IS THE LACK OF RELAXED OPTION. IT IS A REALLY NICE FEATURE THAT SOME GAMES HAVE AND SHOULD BE IN ALL GAMES. I ALMOST WOULD ONLY GIVE THIS GAME 3 STARS WITH THE TIME STRESS PART IN, BUT WOULD PROBABLY GIVE IT 5 STARS IF YOU WERE ALLOWED TO ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO ACTUALLY THINK ABOUT WHAT WORDS YOU CAN USE.
 | Added on: June 7, 2010
A nice word game for older kids ... you're given coals pieces with a single letter on each, then you create words using these letters, as quickly as possible. The screen background, moving train and sounds are nice. Sometimes, the moving train on top of screen page did distract me (an adult). Also, did not like that you could not continue finding the rest of the words, just gave you the answers. As an adult, I'd rate this game a 1 star ... Yes, this game would be best for older kids 9 - 12 in my opinion, whom like words games and enjoy making works from random letters. - 4 stars
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