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Revive celestial worlds by using advance technology in Terrafarmers Deluxe, a fun new spin on the classic frenzy of farming. Barren planets lie everywhere in the solar system and it's your job to get them teeming with life. Watch in wide-eyed wonder as new plant life springs up from parched alien soil, and learn to take care of the wild and wonderful creatures that emerge from the undergrowth.

  • bring planets back to life in this far-out time management challenge
  • hop from planet to planet in more than 50 far-out levels
  • gather goods that strange creatures produce and sell them on the galactic market
  • create new creatures in the Evolution Booster and buy cannons to fend off pirates
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Reviews of Terrafarmers
 | Added on: January 18, 2011
This game is arresting. I love it. Right now I'm trying to reach gold on all levels, but still have 2 where I haven't even reached silver yet. Also a few sitting at silver that I can't quite figure how to make gold. On every level the key is to find the correct strategy. Sometimes you have to click a lot to fulfill your strategy, but you can accomplish EVERY level if you find the right combination of actions and don't become distracted by other demands. It is slightly reminiscent of the Farm Frenzy games. The Pirates are ESSENTIAL to winning some levels - just as are the bears (and other beasts) in the Farm Frenzy series. And they are fun to kill - but often they are the distraction. The Terraformed animals are distinctive and well-thought-out. I love the little pig who gives gold and the rat-snake that is my worst nightmare, but the highest-paying animal in the chain! More of this, please!
 | Added on: December 29, 2010
love TMGs and this one is just different enuf to be a lot of fun. the bright colors, the different alien life forms-even bugs. COOL!! i did get annoyed b/c i played an hr and didn't have enuf credits to buy but one upgrade. even so-this is a keeper. kids will luv it!!!!
 | Added on: January 4, 2011
This game wasn't too bad, but it was somewhat repetitive and boring. You can only have so much fun planting the exact same plant over and over. The other problem with it is that the standards are too high for getting "silver" or "gold" for each level. To make matters worse, if you don't at least get silver, you get a wilted flower. That gets pretty annoying after a while.
 | Added on: October 6, 2011
easy to learn & play. not all challenges are clear to understand, but fun and not so fast as to be stressful.
 | Added on: January 4, 2011
I enjoyed this game very much - its like "farm frenzy" but with a new look about it - the gorillas are now pirates and you shoot them instead of caging them but the concept is the same. It's very addictive, I played it all the way through and then went back and tired to make "gold" on every level (not as easy as you might think). I was disappointed when I finally finished - I hated to see it end. Unlike the other reviewer, I think the pirates are a plus because without them the levels would be too easy to complete. I would love to see more of this type game and a lot less HOG.
 | Added on: November 21, 2011
It took me a while to realize it, but I really like this game. It's quite captivating, and more challenging than it first appears. On some levels it takes a while to figure out exactly what you have to do to beat the gold time, and therein lies the fun! Definitely plan to spend hours on this one.
 | Added on: December 27, 2010
I enjoyed this game for the most part. That is, until the pirates came out. I'm playing a time management game, not an arcade shooter game. I ended up removing the game once I'd passed several levels and the pirates wouldn't stop bugging me. Could use a better tutorial - or at least mouse hover tips - because it took me several times of playing a level to figure out what was needed. Get rid of the pirates and make tool tips, and this would be a great game.
 | Added on: January 6, 2011
I would not consider this a time management game at all, but rather a "brain" game. You have to really think about how to do what needs to get done to reach your goal, & every level is totally different. I DO agree with the others tho about getting rid of the pirates or at least limiting their occurances. And tips would help a great deal; ie: to buy a special planet area, you have to use your DNA collection money....took forever to figure that one out! LOL
 | Added on: December 27, 2010
I got bored after 10 minutes. Not what I like as a TM game.
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