Tennis in the Face 

 Tennis in the Face
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Tennis in the Face Stats
  • Quickly pick up the mechanics and get swinging for loads of fun.
  • Be entertained by action-packed chain reactions and unexpected hilarity.
  • Play in the slow motion level finales.
  • Enjoy over 100 levels plus bonus play game modes.

Game Description

Pete Pagassi is on a mission to save his city from the clutches of Explodz. Use your best aim and understanding of logical cause to help him defeat his opponents in Tennis in the Face, a riotous ball-bouncing game. Click the screen to mark your aim and release to serve up a smash hit. Warning: this game is addictive!

If you thought Angry Birds was fun, you're going to love this. The antics are hilarious and the passion of Pete Pagassi is contagious. You'll be swinging the tennis racket in a whole new way as you join in the charge to release the citizens from the grips of the addictive sports drink Explodz. Pete knows from personal experience just how damaging the drink can be, and now it's his life purpose to expunge the source of this stimulant.

The chain reactions triggered by the bouncing ball and other served objects entertains and delights as you do your best to knock out the opposition. See for yourself when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Tennis in the Face today!
Genre:  Puzzle