Supple - Episode 2 

 Supple - Episode 2
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Supple - Episode 2 Stats
  • Make the world of high fashion your oyster in this fabulous Sim game.
  • Manage your new position and compete for a glamorous uptown condo.
  • Write articles, eat lunch, shop, gossip, and flirt.
  • Stay on the Boss' good side as you maneuver around office mates.
  • Play as naughty or nice as you want!

Game Description

Put your finger on the pulse of high fashion in Supple - Episode 2, a fabulous virtual simulation of life as a style editor.

Arin just beat out her longtime rival Trevor in a competition to be Supple Magazine's style editor. Having hardly any time to settle in however, she is confronted with a new opportunity with even greater personal happiness: the boss' glamorous uptown condo is up for grabs! Now, Arin must not only manage her new position, but figure out a way to outsmart Trevor once again for this coveted living space.

Help Arin make the world her oyster as she strives to make her business and personal life a success. Write articles, eat lunch, shop, gossip, flirt, and even make out in the employee lounge. Just remember to stay on the good side of your boss as you maneuver around office mates who can learn to love or hate you. It's a tough climb up the corporate ladder, but it's all in your hands.

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Genre:  Action
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