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Super Bounce Out 

 Super Bounce Out
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Super Bounce Out Stats
  • Unlimited play - bounce to your heart's content!
  • Get four or more balls in a row for big points
  • Play in either Window or full screen mode
  • Hilarious 'squeaky ball' sound effects
  • Bounce Out Ball-o-Rama

Game Description

If you liked Diamond Mine, try Bounce Out - another maddeningly addictive game with a simple premise: Create groups of three or more matching balls, either up, down or diagonally, then watch them bounce off the screen, only to be immediately replaced by more! Bounce the required number of balls off the screen and move to the next level. Need help? Hit the panic button for a free move! Keep an eye on the dynamite fuse, because when it runs out of time, so do you!
Genre:  Match 3PuzzleClassic