Sunset Studio
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  • Windows 2000 / Windows 98 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 800 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 256 MB Ram
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Sunset Studio 

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Have you always dreamt of being in the movies? Help make Sunset Studio Deluxe a box-office smash hit and become a real props master! This game contains two game modes, making 12 award-winning movies using 12 moviesets. Get your act together, because the success depends on you and your countless props. Whatever happens, the show must go on at Sunset Studio Deluxe!

  • 60 breathtaking levels
  • two exciting game modes
  • a toolkit to help you reach the top
  • awards gallery to enjoy your successes
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Reviews of Sunset Studio
 | Added on: May 9, 2009
This game has beautiful graphics and some really cool helper tools. There are a lot of hidden object games out there, but I think this as one of the best.
 | Added on: February 8, 2010
I got over basic hidden object games pretty quickly, so I guess this one is just more of the same. This doesn't have an action/adventure storyline, basically you are an assistant at a production company making a series of movies (the titles for some are reasonably amusing) and the props you need to find are hidden within the movie sets. I do like the 'rush job' element in this and there are tons of trophies to collect. Enjoyable if you don't mind a bit of repetition.
 | Added on: November 13, 2009
This is quite simply one of the best pure Hidden Object titles out there. There's so little to the actual gameplay of a HO game that developers have to think in the big picture to make their game stand out. These guys have done just that and crafted a very polished game. No corners cut here. Designed from head to toe. Audio: The music and sound effects are crisp, uplifting, fun, and don't irritate or bore you out of your skull. They're enjoyable to have on. Writing/Story Design: The characters that appear are well written and humorous. The overall story and level design is solid and entertaining. Graphic design, effects, and lighting: Excellent. This adds so much to one of these titles. Openings, closings, well designed signs and maps, these go a long way to make you feel as if you're part of a gameworld. The scene design is excellent. This is one of those rare titles where the scenes you have to search through are believable. Not only do all objects match the set theme, but objects are well melded and scaled into the environment. Mechanics: No problem with hit detection in this game. Ever. The tools (hints) are original additions to the game as a whole instead of the one same old hint mechanic. You can play through mini-hints to get more. Different kinds are unlocked with different levels, and each are whimsically designed to fit in with the game theme *interactively*. Challenge: This is one of only three Hidden Object titles I can think of where I experienced any challenge at all and did not get bored within a matter of minutes, and only two of those three were pure HO titles. I think the environment and story design go a long way as far as keeping one entertained, but the fact that I didn't always find everything within the time limit, and the fact that objects are sometimes difficult to find because they are well hidden, not because they are too small or confusingly labeled -- that I really enjoyed. If you don't find everything at first, no worries. You can redo a scene at any time, or just replay to challenge your own time if you wish.
 | Added on: November 16, 2009
It's a really nice (and a little bit different) for a hidden object game! I really enjoy playing it. Although, I have the feeling that once a blow through the game completely, I won't play it again.
 | Added on: April 16, 2012
Sunset Studio Deluxe is a Hidden Object Grammy! I love the ever more challenging levels, the dialog, the trophy system! For me, the emotional balance couldn't be better.
 | Added on: February 9, 2010
I loved this game, but would have enjoyed it more un-timed. It really went very fast, and it was often hard to find everything, and I had to re-do many of the scenes to locate all the items on the list. You are ONLY allowed 5 minutes to locate 20 items per each scene. Although, you only need to locate 12 of the 20 items on the list to advance through the obtain 5 star status, you would need to find all 20 items on a list. If you can do all the scenes with 5 star ratings, the gamer will earn many collectable trophies, and awards! This game also counts how many times a scene was re-played! I love the rush jobs, which enable the gamer to get extra points from objects found on the list, requested faster than the others. What I did not like was the fact that you need to find extra items not on a list to obtain hints and power-ups to help locate other items. These items were NOT on a list, but would be from a picture...but, the picture was ONLY revealed a little bit at a time, as you found items on the list. It was often hard to see what the object was, because, even if it was revealed, it wasn't very visible. Essentially, I had played without many power-ups, or hints and clues, along the way. There was a little bit of an introduction to the game, at the beginning of this game, but not a real story line. It just had many cast members for some newly released movies that were consistently in need of props for their films. Also, if you earned a five star rating for all the sets in each scene, you are rewarded with a trophy for each movie that is completed with a 5 star rating in all the sets that movie had. The cast member from the movie will thank you if you have a 5-star rating, because the more props found, the better the movie for them is. There are a total of 12 movies made in Sunset Studio. Also, there is a series of mini-games, unlocked for successfully completing scenes. After playing all 12 movie sets, you SHOULD remember where most the items are, because they DO NOT move them from their location. If you play the one mini-game on Sunset Studio, it rushes through the may sets revealing 1 item from each scene to find. If you find this item, you advance to the next scene with the next one item to locate. Also, extra time is added for each item located...but, when the time runs out, the game ends, and your score is calculated. There are some awards offered for this mini-game, too. When you locate 20 items, one item per scene, your mini-game advances one level, and then you must find 20 more items to increase a level, again, until the timer runs out, or you have increased through all the levels. Each scene had unique music, appropriate for the movie genre for each movie. In the western scenes, you can hear gunfire, in the distance, and western background music. All the backgrounds were VERY appropriate for the scene being played! (Or working as an assistant, as Sunset Studio calls it, while trying to locate props that the last gamer had scattered about, making the gamers’ job as an assistant possible). I also played Sunset Studio- Love on the High Seas, first. I played out-of sequence. At the time I played, I did NOT know which game came first, this one, or the other one, though. I like this one, better, because in the introduction, the game was described better, and although it did not really have a story-line, the purpose for the gamer to locate all the props was made clear, at the beginning, and there were better graphics, and more backgrounds, the music was better, and I was VERY impressed by the visual effects in Sunset Studio, more than Sunset Studio- Love on the High Seas. I was made more involved with this game, and had a purpose to be within the game. I would re-play this game, more than the other game. I later learned that Sunset Studio Deluxe, this game, was the FIRST game released, and then it was followed by its sequel, Sunset Studio- Love on the High Seas. I was SO disappointed, because, I would have thought this game was improved upon, and not the opposite. I thought THIS was the sequel, because, it is MUCH BETTER than its sequel. This is why; I used to be confused, until I had researched the release dates. I would now ONLY recommend this original game to others, because, the sequel didn't make much sense to me. Or, I would recommend that the gamer played this game first, and MAYBE the sequel would make a bit more sense. It SHOULD also do an introduction with ALL its sequels to let the gamer know it WAS a sequel to the ORIGINAL game, and explain we are to locate items for the show, so the sequels WOULD ALSO have a purpose for others that play these games out of sequence. It would have been more understandable this way, for me...and after reading some of the reviews from the other players, I believe some of them were ALSO confused about why we are locating items from a list, and we would understand these are prop items for movies. I believe they would have a better game rating, and more stars with an introduction that this game had, too! Hopefully, if you are reading this review, you will at least NOT play these games out-of-sequence, and they would make more sense to you, and not confuse you, as I was, and some other gamers were, too. Anyways, I hope this review has helped you. If you like it, and find it helpful, please vote it as helpful, so I would know. Thanks, and I hope you will enjoy this game as much as I did. I gave this game 5 stars. I really enjoyed this game, and it would make a great replay game, too. It also has NO swears, and NO violence in it, and it is also a great game for children and adults, alike.
 | Added on: April 22, 2012
It is extremely dumb they don't give you relaked mode. THIS SHOULD MOST DEFINITELY BE INCLUDED IN ALL GAMES. I couldn't even pess the first stinking level because way not enought time to actually find anything. No hints, some of the items were very hard to find. 12 HARD TO FIND ITEMS IN JUST 5 MINUTES JUST TO PASS THE FIRST LEVEL REALLY????? MAKE IT A CHALLENGE, BUT DON'T MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLY FRUSTRATING BE FORCING ME TO PLAY WITH A VERY STUPID CLOCK. I don't enjoy being rushed, and timed to death. definitely a 2 thumbs down on that.
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