Storm in a Teacup 

 Storm in a Teacup
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Storm in a Teacup Stats
  • Enjoy thoughtful and rewarding gameplay with physics-based challenges.
  • Choose from Original, Bonus, Survival, and Challenge modes as you unlock more levels.
  • Customize Storm's hair, clothes, and more.
  • Explore and discover 50 magically delightful levels.

Game Description

Join Storm on a magical adventure. Guide the teacup to jump and glide in a fun fantasy physics-based platformer game. Collect sugar cubes, keys, and stickers while avoiding menacing threats like sharks and dark clouds.

Storm's older brother Clouds has dreamed up a vivid and playful landscape through which Storm travels in his teacup. 50 levels of play give you lots of physics-based fantasy to explore. Add more difficulty by choosing Survival and Challenge modes.

Enjoy special customizations and a variety of physics-based puzzles when you try the free trial version of Storm in a Teacup or download the full-unlimited version today!
Genre:  Adventure