Star Defender 4 

 Star Defender 4
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Star Defender 4 Stats
  • The war against insect invaders continues with this action-packed Arcade Shooter.
  • Blast your way through eight huge missions and more than 100 waves.
  • Use fantastic new weapons like the machine gun and flame thrower plus old favorites.
  • Enjoy exciting Boss battles with nastier enemies.
  • Use the progressive bonus system to upgrade weapons and score massive points.

Game Description

Prevent the destruction of humanity in Star Defender 4, another pulse-pounding space shooter to protect the galaxy.

The battle against the alien race known as the Insectus continues. After fighting off their advance on Earth, the theater of operations has shifted to other parts of the galaxy. But who knows what other devious plans they might have? It's up to you to track them down and blast them out of the universe for good.

Blast your way through eight huge new missions featuring more than 100 waves of invading space insects. Use fantastic new weapons including the machine gun and flame thrower to go alongside your already deadly lasers and missiles. Battle gigantic bosses, upgrade your spaceship weapons, and take out this new wave of unrelenting bugs.

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Genre:  Action
Tags:  stars Games