Spooky Mall
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  • Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1 GHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 512 MB Ram
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Award Value: 3 Stamps
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Spooky Mall 

Pack your stores with the items ghouls crave in Spooky Mall Deluxe, a colorful endeavor to serve the undead. The job market is tough and no one seems to be giving you a chance. An odd phone call one night changes all of that when a special night job is offered. Beggars can't be choosers you think, and soon you're off but when you get there, something about the customers just doesn't seem right.

  • treat creepy customers to a fangtastic time in this delightful time management game
  • manage five stores packed with the goods ghosts love in 100 frantic levels
  • earn the money to buy or upgrade equipment and the mall itself
  • keep an eye out for thieves and quickly respond to customer's questions
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Reviews of Spooky Mall
 | Added on: March 8, 2012
Loved this game---up until the very last level in the Cafe. Pros-You serve ghosts....even Napoleon and the headless horseman make an appearance! You move faster than in the regular Supermarket Mania game which I appreciate. Also, unlike Supermarket Mania you get to play in different stores. Cons-The neater upgrades don't happen until the very end of each level. Also on the very very last level on the cafe, it freezes on the very last customer. I tried redoing the level but it stops on the same older guy every single time and I can't finish the game. VERY frustrating. It is because of that last detail that I only give it the 2 stars. If GH can fix the glitch i'll give it 4 =)
 | Added on: March 8, 2012
 | Added on: March 8, 2012
bother with this one - boring. Basically you just click, click, click - fill the vegetable bin, the fruit bin, go the cash register, run back, fill up the vege bin, the fruit bin, go to the cash register - It is a Yawn. Plus the characters stop responding - they come onto the board - you click on them - they just sit there and spin which stops you from going onto the next board I didn't even get through the first store before I quit and I love TM games - just not this one
 | Added on: March 10, 2012
If you like Supermarket Mania, you're almost sure to like Spooky Mall. I say almost because this game isn't quite as good as Supermarket Mania, in my opinion. The biggest problem is that this game has bugs. Sometimes you'll have to click on a freezer more than once to get her to move to it. I also had one customer that just staked herself out in front of the milk freezer for the whole level. I filled up the freezer and still she sat. What I learned from that incidence is If all of the customers don't leave the store, the round can't end. Outside of the bugs, this game is exactly like Supermarket Mania right down to the thieves and the mess making customers. It's just ok.
 | Added on: March 12, 2012
This game is EXACTLY like the "Supermarket Mania"game excepth ghouls and monster's.. However I found SO many bugs and glitches.. I remember reading where one person had written a review and was talking about the one ghoul that kept standing in front of the milk with a question mark over her head.. I clicked and clicked and she would NEVER move.. I had to redo that round because all customer's have to be out of the market before you can close and end the level.. I got SO aggravated with the loading problem's, glitches, and bugs that I uninstalled and reinstalled.. It did no good so I uninstalled for good..Gamehouse THIS game needs quite a bit of work before introducing to the public.. PLEASE fix and I just might give it 4 stars on my next review.. For now it is just too frustrating to play.. FIRST game EVER I've had problems playing on Gamehouse
 | Added on: April 1, 2012
I love TM games and this game is no different. Spooky Mall is a really fun game but the game does happen to glitch way too much for my taste. Even so, it is still a fun game to play to pass the time. However, if you are big on glitches then you shouldn't download the game,
 | Added on: April 14, 2012
the game plays well other than the fact that trying to make the drinks is impossible,your lucky if the hero comes in and stocks everything, but trying to click on the table to make the drinks id very very difficult or not going to happen at all
 | Added on: March 14, 2012
Cannot finish the Butcher Level as there are glitches and bugs. Otherwise it is quite a good game. Please fix it so I can play again.
 | Added on: March 17, 2012
It was a fun game, not as difficult as the supermarket mania series. However, there are many bugs in the game. People freeze and you can't finish a level!
 | Added on: April 13, 2012
We love this game! It is fast paced, enough stratedgy involved to quickly form a plan of action but not so thinky that you need to spend time planning every move. It's a bit addictive and too fast for my 8yo grandaughter for scoring excellent on the latter boards, the 10yo and I love it!
 | Added on: March 9, 2012
The problem with this game is certain charaters will freeze during play. I thought maybe it was just my computer, but when I did some research about this game, apparently it is not. Charaters will freeze at the stans. I had gotten past a few levels with the freezing because the charater will stand there as the time runs out and they just leave. Unfortuently during the last section level (the pastry level) a charater freezes completely and you cannot move forward. So pretty much, you will not be able to get all gold on each level and you will not be able to finish this game. If the freezing did not occur I would of given this game 4 or 5 stars.
 | Added on: March 20, 2014
I have no idea how this is considered a spooky mall except for the obvious ghost thing. The food products were normal, which is a good thing or not depending on whether you wanted fun zombie stuff instead. The graphics were appealing and I liked all the levels and upgrades. I really wanted to upgrade that stock boy, pretty useless but the cashier felt like a total cheat so I guess it balances out. Level 10 on the last shop about did me in, and there were a couple of other levels I had to redo to get the top marks. I only ran into one glitch, level 17 on the first shop where I had to let the stock boy fill the bread as a customer stuck there. That was the only one I noticed, so perhaps the rest were fixed? The loading times were definitely noticeable but not too bad. I liked this game a lot. I thought it was better than the supermarket game as it had more variety and more levels, but a little harder. I don't mind that it wasn't that spooky!
 | Added on: March 8, 2012
i was so excited to see this game. i love spooky, & TMGs r my favorite. this game is just ok. it reminds me of the Supermarket games. stock shelves/answer customers questions/restock shelves/check customers out/clean up messes. i expected at least the music to b spooky. nope it isn't. a fairly easy game to master. it does get more challenging the more customers come in. & some of them are interesting-the clown juggles/the vamp cleans the store if he stays happy/the pirate gives u a treasure if she stays happy/u have to pick up the head of one of your customers and return it to him. just not spooky AT ALL...
 | Added on: September 12, 2013
This is a game that requires good reflexes and multitasking skills. It's fast paced. It has a lot of smooth, polished graphics and good sound. Some of the kinks they bring in to throw you off will succeed, but once you get used to each new interruption you will know what to do next time. One trick I used when the multiple station-required machines like the juicer and the caviar sandwich maker come out is to stock those first when the day starts. That way when a customer walks in right off and wants one, you can have it ready more quickly. I'm not sure I would replay it, just because there are a lot of repetitive items and not much variety. But it's a fun little (maddening) game that is challenging.
 | Added on: March 10, 2012
Could be a good game - but there are some problems - especially level 20 of the Meat Market - stalled - wouldn't work anymore - man stuck at turkey stand. Let us know when the quirk is fixed so we can finish the game. Thanks.
 | Added on: March 13, 2012
Like Supermarket Mania, its full of delightful characters and the graphics are even better, but the in game bugs are a bit frustrating! As other reviews have stated, the characters get stuck in front of displays and the game just quits, but Im happy to overlook it as long as I can get back on and play. But I cannot finish day 20 in the butchers market, Ive tried over 10 times and the character keeps setting himself in front of the display and of course the level wont end. If these bugs can be addressed, itd be a top game in my opinion :)
 | Added on: March 20, 2012
I love the concept and the art of this game but it did not work properly on my computer in spite of my system exceeding the minimum requirements. By level 9 it was freezing more than running which was very frustrating since I really wanted to enjoy playing it! I even tried "cleaning out" my system memories and tried again three times with the same result.
 | Added on: March 20, 2012
This would be a five star game without the glitches butcher shop was sooo frustrating at the end if you do not how to work around the glitch you wont finish the game. if not for that its super fun
 | Added on: March 10, 2012
Love everything about this TM game... Great graphics, interesting concept, fun to play! If Gamehouse keeps creating Time Management games like this I'll keep my FunPass for a long time!
 | Added on: March 20, 2012
Spooky Mall is like Supermarket Mania - except that with a Halloween vibe. The graphics are nice, the upgrades are easily obtainable, and it moves along nicely - except when it doesn't. Besides that fact that it randomly crashes at the end of levels when transitioning into one of the rapid sales, sometimes characters get stuck in front of displays and won't do anything. It's not too bad if they eventually get mad and leave (even though it will rob you of a chance to hit expert for that level), but sometimes they get stuck completely, the patience meter doesn't run out and then they just sit there and you can't end the level. The only option there is to quit and redo the whole level - frustrating. If it weren't for the bugs, I'd give it a 4 - the later levels can be quite challenging and it's a cute game.
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