Splendorvale Skies 

 Splendorvale Skies
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Splendorvale Skies Stats
  • Experience the evolution of classic brick-breaking games
  • Travel through the majestic skies high above Splendorvale
  • Guide your sphere using exploding shockwaves
  • Win tokens to unlock innovative power-ups
  • Enjoy a relaxing adventure bursting with enchantment

Game Description

Journey through celestial realms of tranquility in Splendorvale Skies, an innovative adventure game that puts a twist on the brick-breaking games of the past.

Splendorvale is a world filled with breathtaking skies, where floating gems sail through the clouds high above. Each of these stones possesses a wondrous and magical energy to collect. Launch your sphere and harvest this energy by having it collide with the gems. Guide it by using exploding shockwaves in its path to re-direct it, but do not allow it to reach the bottom or the level is lost.

There are over 60 stunning levels to complete and 20 helpful power-ups to use. An extra Challenge mode offers 60 extra levels with new perils and obstacles! Take to the skies in this incredible universe to witness a beautiful mix of amazing imagery and relaxation.

Try the free download version or play the full version of Splendorvale Skies and experience the evolution of brick-breaking games today!
Genre:  Arcade