Spirit Walkers - Curse of the Cypress Witch
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  • Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1.4 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 1024 MB Ram
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Spirit Walkers - Curse of the Cypress Witch 

Lift a curse to save a friendly witch in Spirit Walkers - Curse of the Cypress Witch Deluxe, a fascinating walk through different dimensions. Maylynn and her friends hear about a mysterious ghost attack in the forest and decide to go looking. What is supposed to be a curious and innocent hiking trip soon turns dangerous when one of her friends gets seriously hurt.

  • undo an old wrong to save a friend in this hidden object search
  • travel between realms, searching for items to lift the witch's curse
  • explore an old hotel, repair a steamboat and save a Native American wedding
  • solve puzzles and play mini-games to unlock the past
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Reviews of Spirit Walkers - Curse of the Cypress Witch
 | Added on: July 27, 2012
This game had some great graphics, and an intriguing story line. I agree with another reviewer who said it is more an action game with some HO scenes thrown in. The puzzles were the best feature. Some of them were quite difficult, but you could always skip them. I never would have gotten the one with the pipes! But I managed to get all the rest. Unfortunately, the game is very short (I completed it in under two hours). The hint button was very helpful in figuring out where to go next, which was not intuitive. Other than that and the short length, I would recommend this game.
 | Added on: July 31, 2012
I played the 1 hour free trial and bought the game with high hopes. Unfortunately the game comes up short on several levels. Its too short, finished it in 2 hours, puzzles/challenges are somewhat repetative and the story falls short in the end. Graphics and voice overs are not bad at all and if you are just starting out with HOGs this is a good one to start with. Overall its not a bad game, I have played worse but I should not have spent my credit on it.
 | Added on: July 23, 2012
I think it took longer for it to download than it did to get through the game. Way too short to make it worth the money. Once I finished the game I can not ever see my self playing it again.
 | Added on: July 21, 2012
I was enjoying this game very much when I realized I was very close to the end. It didn't take more than about an hour and a half to finish it. The puzzles are good and I like that there are tasks, not just HOG scenes. I also like that you move between past and present to find things and complete the tasks. Unfortunately, the short length would be a big disappointment to anyone who paid for this game.
 | Added on: July 30, 2012
interesting story. thank God for the hint button. i've used it a lot so far in the game. it is very helpful. typical HOG of today-find items that help you progress in the game. play mini games. i like traveling to a different dimension. COOL. eager to see how it ends...
 | Added on: July 21, 2012
Enjoyed this game but found it too short. Worth buying has good replay value.
 | Added on: February 6, 2013
Enjoyed this one as it was lighthearted and uplifting as opposed to some of the dark and dreary storylines. Nice combination of mini games and adventuring with not too many HO's. I liked them as everything you searched for was needed in the game. It was not difficult at all just a pleasant diversion actually. Music was nice, good graphics good hint setup if and when needed. It was a little short, but as stated, nice little diversion especially if you have a Funpass.
 | Added on: October 9, 2012
I personally would label this as an adventure game more than a hidden object game. You have a couple of times that you search for pipes/beads/herbs but the majority of the game is solving puzzles. I tend to like hidden object games more, but I really enjoyed this game. It had challenging moments but I didn't ever feel stuck. I gave it 3 stars because I wish it would have been longer, but definitely give this one a shot. :)
 | Added on: July 21, 2012
This game has great game play for a "HO" game. It's honestly mostly a puzzle game, not HO. But for me, that's what makes an amazing game. The only complaint I have is that the game play was rather short. I was able to complete it in one evening, around 4 hours of play, not nearly as involved as some other offered on GH. I would have LOVED to see an additional couple hours of play. Hopefully, there is a sequel coming soon.
 | Added on: August 4, 2012
This game was much to short. The graphics were lovely and I enjoyed playing the game, but it was over to fast. Story line was pretty good. It was a bit challenging in places because you are not sure where to go or what to do. Use the Hint button.
 | Added on: July 23, 2012
I would have given it 5 stars but I think I wanted more, love everything about the game I would not have minded a little bit more!
 | Added on: July 21, 2012
 | Added on: July 21, 2012
I really love everything about this game. Nice graphics, challenging puzzle's (I even skipped some, 'cause I didn't like the type of puzzle's). Dont know about the music, I always turn the volume of the music down on any game. BUT: I think the game was way to short and I finished it in a couple of hours :-( Unlike for example The City of Fools (*****) which I'm still playing, for days now.. Too bad, it could have been a winner, but now I only give it 3 stars..
 | Added on: July 21, 2012
I liked the game, but it was way too short. I have fun pass, so I only have my monthly dues invested. Compared to the length of other games I would have been very dissapointed if I had paid full price. That said, it was a nice concept with pretty graphics. The help hints were actually helpful. I would recommend this game for anyone just starting HO type. It does not have very many HO scenes. I would call it an action game with HOs as side games instead of an HO game. The various games are well balanced, which I really prefer.
 | Added on: December 10, 2012
Graphics: beautiful and lovely Music: nice Story: okay, somewhat interesting Game play: enjoyable, average level puzzles. Good amount of tasks, not many HO though. Very short play time. Conclusion: nice to play but not good value to buy.
 | Added on: July 23, 2012
Native American lore always intrigued me. Their connection to the spirit world is fascinating. The graphics in this game were beautiful. It was a little clicky, but not in an annoying way. Some mini games were a little difficult but you always had the option to skip them. The only drawback was that it was too short but still a definite reco from me.
 | Added on: July 20, 2012
I love the graphics of this game. And the story, it's intriguing. The game design is the same like for any good hidden object game.
 | Added on: July 23, 2012
This game was amazing. Yes short but truly wonderful to play because if anything the storyline. Little games have a storyline that you can actually want to read the dialogue or lets you listen/read the dialogue. Great story, great mini-games. Graphics were great too. No glitches at all. Just right amount on the file size. Too bad that it's so short.
 | Added on: July 23, 2012
I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn?t your typical hidden object game you had to think about what to do next it was more like an adventure game. The story was interesting however it did seemed a little short would of liked it to last longer but over all I really enjoyed the game I would give the graphics an 8 out of 10
 | Added on: July 21, 2012
The story was delightful. Lovely. Intriguing. But the gameplay logic, not always quite so much. Fun, but at times quite perplexing and frustrating to me, because it just didn't seem intuitive what to do next, or where (when), so I spent a good bit of the final part hitting the hint button. It could have used some polishing in places so you had a better idea of how to proceed. No one wants to wander around bewildered! But the graphics were lovely, and the romantic story was very pleasant. Not perfect, (what is?) but definitely an enjoyable play. The minis were quite difficult, so I often just opted out, I don't like having them in my games to begin with, but in their favor, they are fairly original. A little back and forth, but only within the immediate area. I say give it a try, I think you'll be pleased!
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