Solitaire Mystery - Four Seasons 

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Solitaire Mystery - Four Seasons Stats
  • Play over 100 different solitaire and card match layouts.
  • Choose from two solitaire modes.
  • Puzzle through dozens of hidden object scenes, mini-games, and brainteasers.
  • Unlock the Fortune Telling Room after one hour of play.
  • When you complete the main story, choose Free Play for infinite game play.

Game Description

Wise and powerful Nature has cursed the City of Magic Cards! Only you can free the humbled inhabitants from the curse in the exciting card game adventure Solitaire Mystery – Four Seasons.

As punishment for their greed and stinginess, the neighborhood of Spades is in the rain of never-ending autumn. Clubs huddle and shiver in their forever frozen winter. Hearts have stopped anticipating new blooms in the never-delivered promise of endless spring, and Diamonds tirelessly shine till they hurt in the scalding summer sun.

Play a plentiful variety of solitaire layouts and matching games. Noodle over dozens of unique puzzles and mini-games. With your diligence, the Magic City clock will work once again.

Bring the natural turning of the seasons back to the City of Magic Cards when you play the free trial version or download the full-version of Solitaire Mystery – Four Seasons today!
Genre:  Card