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Solitaire Egypt 

 Solitaire Egypt
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Solitaire Egypt Stats
  • Discover exciting and entertaining levels of play in Campaign Mode.
  • Enjoy a more relaxed challenge with interesting variations in Free Play Mode.
  • Uncover Wildcards, Jokers, and other special cards.
  • Increase your combo-count, earn points, and important extras to make progress with building your new village.

Game Description

Are you worthy of the favors of the Pharaoh? You must prove yourself by rebuilding a prosperous village in Solitaire Egypt, a unique solitaire card game set on the banks of the Nile. Your new metropolis must be more beautiful and thriving than ever before.

Now that the sandstorm has passed and the winds have calmed, how will you impress your Pharaoh? As the supreme architect of your time, draw from your experience as a master designer and builder to bring the sands back to life with a thriving city. One of the Pharaoh's most trusted advisors will guide you along to success. Play the story in Campaign Mode or choose Free Play Mode for relaxed variations on the original game.

Continue your reputation as one of Egypt's great master architects when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Solitaire Egypt today!
Genre:  Card