Slot Quest - The Museum Escape 

 Slot Quest - The Museum Escape
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Slot Quest - The Museum Escape Stats
  • Play slots to find your way out of the museum in this addictive Casino game.
  • Spin the reels of four unique slots to overcome their challenges.
  • Drop in your credits and select your pay lines to complete special quests.

Game Description

Put your luck to the ultimate test in Slot Quest - The Museum Escape, an exhilarating challenge filled with rewarding surprises.

Hiding out in the museum seemed like a good idea after a few friends dared you to spend the night. The doors close and the last sounds of guards fade away but as you step out of your hiding place, something quite unexpected surprises you: A burst of color and light appears before your eyes, knocking you back to the ground. You are shocked to see that the museum comes alive, trapping you in the process. In order to escape, you must battle through the challenges set forth by the leaders of four unique exhibits. Can you beat their challenges?

Drop in your play credits and find out! Complete the challenging quests before you while playing four fantastic slot machines. Select your pay lines spin the reels to remove their spell over you. Gain slot levels to increase payouts, earn achievements for a job well done and keep track of all playing statistics. Will you escape the museum?

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Genre:  Action