Slingo Supreme 2
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Slingo Supreme 2 

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Slingo Supreme 2 Deluxe surprises you once again with infinite Slingo delight! Discover new fun additions to this ever exciting game. Unlock and activate special powers, join daily challenges and get the top score of the day. Once in a while the Devil pops up to test your luck in fast, wacky challenges. Aim for Slingo stardom with Slingo Supreme 2 Deluxe!

  • discover all new features of the new and improved Slingo classic
  • switch between Classic or Supreme mode for infinite fun
  • unlock all special powers and fill your Award gallery
  • dare to challenge the Devil in diabolic mini-game encounters
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Reviews of Slingo Supreme 2
 | Added on: June 16, 2012
I love slingo games. I own most. This game has no challenge at all. BORINGGGG
 | Added on: June 23, 2012
I always enjoyed slingo. The quests were good as well. The devil is a thorn in my side, but hey isn't he suppose to be? lol...the game moves along at a great speed. Its colorful. the one thing, this is the type of game you can play, and if you have to leave it you can do so without worry. its a game that you can challenge yourself in, and i like that feature. over all, great game, great graphics, and i have loved them all so far. thanks for this game GH. Oh as far as the bar above, it can be all of them, so i didn't pick any, i left it middle of the road. :) then i had to change it, but would have left it middle of the road.
 | Added on: July 2, 2012
Just as fun as ever, with many more side twists that make it even funnier than ever. Great game with bright bold colors, but watch out for the devil, yep he is still there.
 | Added on: June 22, 2012
At first it was fun, but then it just became to beat my last high game. This is when it got boring. I enjoy all the other Slingo I have, but very disappointed with this one.
 | Added on: June 19, 2012
I have played every Slingo game that Gamehouse offers and have enjoyed them all. Slingo is a great game to play if you have some time to waste. This one offers the most power-up options of any of the Slingo games I have played. If you love Slingo, this is the game to buy!
 | Added on: June 24, 2012
Slingo Supreme 2 is a great new addition to the Slingo game line, something for the whole family, with brilliant graphics, quick-moving fun and exciting new features.
 | Added on: July 3, 2012
i can quite literally play this game for hours. i like that u can make it as fast paced or as relaxing as u like. u can really try and beat the clock or jst mosey along. i love the upgrades,and that u chose which ones to use. it's hard to chose when you don't have many slots, but that's the fun of the game. switching around. yea, it's like the 1st one with a few new upgrades, but it's still worth buying-at least to me. another great slingo to add to my game collection. keep 'em coming...
 | Added on: June 22, 2012
Boring! If you already own a Slingo, don't bother with this one. I think Slingo Supreme is better with better graphics and more satisfying game play. This version is just blah.
 | Added on: June 25, 2012
I'm almost 60 years young, the mother of 17 children, with 14 grandchildren and 3 more on the way. :) I play computer games to relax at the end of another busy day of cooking, laundry, cleaning our large home, appointments, meetings, etc. I love Slingo Supreme 2, it's easy to play and no thinking required which I like because at the end of every day, my brain falls asleep before I do. (Lol) I keep challenging myself to obtain a larger score than my previous "best score." Of course, a lot of it is just luck but for me, playing Slingo Supreme 2 at the end of the day is very relaxing and enjoyable. Slingo Supreme 2 has a lot of new powerups which includes: Extra Coins ... the gold are worth 1,000 points, the platinum are worth 5,000 points More Minigames ... adds devils to cells for more minigames Extra Spins Multipliers Mystery Chest Supercoin Jokers Don't Stop ... when you fill a card, you get a new card with new powerups Speed Slingo ... instead of 20 spins you have 3 minutes Super Adders Lucky ... increases your chance of good luck with your spins and much more. Of course, many of the old powerups such as "Devil Protection" and many more. You can play either Slingo Supreme or Classic Slingo, and there is still a Daily Challenge with many of the new powerups to help you obtain the goal that changes from day to day. Some of the daily goals are easy to obtain, others are more difficult but. in my opinion, this is what makes it fun. If you enjoy playing Slingo, you're going to love Slingo Supreme 2 which is much better than Slingo Supreme 1 but if you do not enjoy playing Slingo, you find it boring, or not mentally challenging, you probably won't enjoy Slingo Supreme 2 either. As with any computer game, each to their own. I strongly recommend trying this game with an open mind, in other words, do not tell yourself that you're absolutely going to hate this game before you've tried it.
 | Added on: June 18, 2012
I've played several Slingo games (a combination of a slot machine and bingo) and own the Hawaii one. I like the improved graphics, the clean playing field (without all the busy graphics of other versions), and the large slot machine numbers which are easy to see even for the visually impaired, or without your glasses. The instructions are better, but still not perfect. The game seems more streamlined and easier to play. I like that you earn various power-ups and options that you get to customize from among 6 different categories. It keeps the game fresh, and lets you mix and match game features with every level. In the options menu, you have the option to eliminate the mini-games with the devil, which I found really annoying in other versions. These mini-games are more sleight-of-hand and take just seconds, and no nonsense with the devil stealing points at random (unless you play the classic option). If you are new to Slingo, this is a great one to try. Fine for all ages, and a great game for those with limited mouse and computer skills.
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