Slingo® Mystery - Who's Gold 

 Slingo® Mystery - Who's Gold
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Slingo® Mystery - Who's Gold Stats
  • An incredible mix of Slingo and hidden object game play
  • Infiltrate a casino to get ultimate payback on the ex-husband
  • Find his will before the new wife inherits what you deserve
  • Solve puzzles to discover the hidden Slingo machines
  • Enjoy each Slingo machine at any time

Game Description

Get back what you deserve pulling off the ultimate casino heist in Slingo Mystery - Who's Gold, a dynamic mix of exciting Slingo and fun hidden object game play rolled into one!

Maggie Gold is the first wife of casino mogul Freddy Gold. After a messy divorce, Freddy kept his money and the attorneys got Maggie's, leaving her with nothing but a pile of bills. Now, Freddy just showed up dead and his new wife is set to inherit the casino and everything else, including Maggie's ring. Poor Maggie is not about to take this sitting down and is ready to get back in one more time. Who killed Freddy? What secrets did he leave behind? Who is really on his last will?

Help Maggie find the answers and get her ring, plus everything else she deserves, back! Break into the casino and track down the clues to Freddy's secrets. Search the high roller's room, the vault, the tables and everywhere else to locate the hidden Slingo machines. Play them and win to claim their secret prize. Can you get to Freddy's will before his new wife?

Try the free trial version or download the full version of Slingo Mystery - Who's Gold today and see why fans are already saying "I am knocked out by this incredible game!" and "This is like Slingo on steroids!".