Skeleton Pirates 

 Skeleton Pirates
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Skeleton Pirates Stats
  • As captain of your ship, safe guard treasure maps from marauding skeleton pirates.
  • Choose from multiple level settings and three different game modes.
  • Play progressively challenging levels.
  • Strategically deploy uniquely specialized weapons for maximum defense.

Game Description

Vicious skeleton pirates are coming for the treasure maps! Arm the deck and fight an onslaught of the most rancorous boney crew to ever set sail in Skeleton Pirates, a strategy game in the style of Plants vs. Zombies that takes the fight to a new whole new level.

The array of ammunition is choice. There are powerful standard cannons, cheaper short-range cannons, bombs, and more. Hold the advancing bones at bay with crates and chests. Collect gold stars to keep your ammo loaded. Collect silver stars to acquire and deploy new weapons. Tame pesky parrots and keep them from damaging your stash. Scan the whole deck to maintain an effective strategy.

For the most powerful win, know your friends, your foe, and your ammo when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Skeleton Pirates today!
Genre:  Strategy