Settlers of the West
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  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 256 MB Ram
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Settlers of the West 

Play Settlers of the West Deluxe, a western game that requires all your skills and wits! Follow Lucy or Walt as they try their luck in the Wild West. Find ways to collect some gold while traveling through all kinds of settlements. Train workers for any required job, bring in work animals, and build entire communities. Can you make it in the West? Find out in Settlers of the West Deluxe!

  • travel through 45 levels in this western challenge
  • drag and drop workers on buildings and train them appropriately
  • construct and upgrade buildings, trade resources, and take care of work animals
  • earn achievements for collecting 5,000 gold, 5,000 lumber, and more
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Reviews of Settlers of the West
 | Added on: June 30, 2015
This is absolutely my favorite game to play. In fact it's my "go to" game when I'm feeling stressed and need to escape for a little while. It starts out very easy but gets more difficult as the game progresses. You have the option of playing one of two characters. Lucy or Walt. I've played them both and the game play is identical for both but the dialogue is different. The graphics are wonderful, the English is perfect, and there is a lot of humor between the characters. I really wish they would make a sequel to this game.
 | Added on: November 23, 2013
I don't know quite how to review this game. I like TM games, but I like ones where I have at least a fair chance of "winning". This one is extremely challenging. The time given for successful completion of levels seems impossible to achieve. And it gets boring playing the same level over and over just to discover where you made your mistakes and try again. In addition, the levels actually all look alike -- no variety in scenery at all. So, do I recommend this game? If you get it on fun pass -- sure. But, buy it? I don't think so. The basic idea of the game is good and could be fun, but repetitive failure gets frustrating and very boring.
 | Added on: December 31, 2013
I wasn't expecting to play this more than once because I thought it would be too easy but I was pleasantly surprised to find it's much harder than it appears. Moreover It doesn't depend on becoming more fast-paced to be challenging (like the Farm Frenzy or Diner Dash series ). When you get to the end it unlocks the "platinum" levels ( beyond gold ). I like this approach because by the end of the game you've developed better strategies and it encourages you to go back and try them on levels you already finished. More good news : it's missing the annoyances that plague other time management games. The tedious exposition at the beginning of each level is easy to skip and there are no stupid "mini-games" between levels.
 | Added on: November 13, 2013
i loved the game right from the start. It gave a choice of characters to play -boy or girl. It gives not only the challenge vs relaxed play, but within the challenge mode, it lets you pick the difficulty. I opted for the novice level, and I was glad I did, as some levels, even at that play are hard to get gold on. If you pick the challenge level, you have to get a certain number of points (stars) to open up the next series of map locations. So, you may have to replay some of the bronze or silver levels to advance to the next map location, which I did more than once. So this qualifies as a challenging game, even if you pick the novice level of difficulty. I've finished all the levels in the novice rating, and it then says you can advance to a diamond rating, which means getting the time below gold in a level. So this is one game that has a lot of replay potential to keep advancing. As soon as I figured that out, I used my free game coupon and bought it. The main character is fun, as is the sheriff, though Henry is kind of a mixed bag. The graphics are nice. And I love how you can use mules or horses or oxen in the mines/lumber/food and trading post areas. But you need a human to be the actual builders as well as for the services such as the doctor/sheriff/researcher. I also love how bulding the well adds more building sites; ditto the windmill and the townhall. With the townhall, you can also expand the housing for the builders/mules, etc. I also love that you get send your workers, including the animals, out of town to earn gold. In some levels, that is one very helpful way to earn money. A very enjoyable game. BTW, I suggest starting with the novice level of difficulty. I don't consider myself a novice in these TM games, but even at that level, getting gold is not a given even for experienced players.
 | Added on: November 13, 2013
This is such a fun game!!! I've played it over and over using different names trying to get all gold!! The pro player is the hardest, of course, but I love trying!!
 | Added on: November 6, 2013
I really liked the story and pace of this game. Nice crisp graphics, good game play, easy to understand and play but some levels were extremely challenging. It was fun throughout and I enjoyed every moment.
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