Secrets of Great Art
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  • Windows ME / Windows XP / Windows 98 / Windows 2000 / Windows 10
  • 500 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 128 MB Ram
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Secrets of Great Art 

Solve a series of perplexing picture puzzles and unravel an engrossing mystery in Secrets of Great Art Deluxe! Search antique paintings for masterfully hidden objects, spot the differences between two seemingly identical pictures, and piece together a compelling story in 60 challenging levels. Discover the truth behind this surprising mystery today!

  • 60 challenging levels
  • fantastic renditions of real paintings
  • loads of hidden objects to discover
  • challenging spot-the-difference levels
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Reviews of Secrets of Great Art
 | Added on: June 19, 2009
This was one of the first hidden object games I played, and I've played it many times since. The objects are just hard enough to find and are cleverly hidden among 60 different pieces of art. The scenes are beautiful and it's a long game good for many replays!
 | Added on: November 8, 2010
I loved the artwork. Never needed more hints than 2 at a time. It was not too dark, I thought it was just right. I did enjoy finding the differences too. I did not read the story, I never do.
 | Added on: November 8, 2010
Have played for a little while & it is interesting. I do like seeing the pictures - different idea for a game. Beware when you find the objects, they could be different than you expect - such as an apple you find is black not red & a heart is a human heart not a valentine heart. I could see no difference between two of the objects & the only difference between another two was that one was a tiny bit lighter than the other. Has a timer clicking in the corner but don't know what that means & I had enough time although I clicked for hints several times. Don't think I would have found the objects without them.
 | Added on: June 3, 2009
It as a great way to see classic art with the twist of hidden things that don't belong in the picture. I enjoyed playing it the storie was okay ,but it took more than one day to go thru all the art. It was so pretty I will play it again,and again.
 | Added on: November 11, 2010
....I would have given it four stars. First off, I love the Neoclassic/Pre-Raphaelite art style (so I guess that makes me someone's grandmother or over 70 according to one of the other reviewers, hehehehe!) but I know all art styles aren't to everyone's taste and you'd have a hard time making an HO game based on Paul Klee or Jackson Pollock, LOL. It is a pretty standard HO as far as game play goes, just with lovely paintings, and not too difficult. The only real flaw I saw was in the convoluted, baffling, hot mess of a story line. It seemed like whoever wrote it tried to combine several different genres into one or it was like that game where one person starts out a story and then another continues it, ad nauseum. I didn't expect Dickens or Austen, just something that one could follow.
 | Added on: July 27, 2011
Downloaded when it was an unlimited play game. Took a good amount of time and I enjoyed it. It even got my dad playing.
 | Added on: June 25, 2009
This game allows you to find hidden items within beautiful art. You are given three hints per page and at times, you may be wishing for a few more - just take a closer look in the dark-areas and corners. Also, the 'lighted' pointer sure helps looking for items in these areas, too - very unexpected ! You can start and stop the game at anytime and it will be saved. Some items were easier to locate than others because of the name given - also, help may need to be given to young kids because of this fact. The variety of finding hidden items and what's the difference between these two painting was nice. The story was alright and hopefully, the sequel will be more interesting overall. Once this game is completed - about 60 pages worth, you are placed on the 'high-score' list and can start the adventure all over again. Overall, this was a slow and relaxing paced game with beautiful art - enjoyable to replay again.
 | Added on: August 24, 2009
If you're a fan of Victorian Era British art, you might like this (as long as the story line doesn't put you off). If you like excitement and an intriguing story, this game might be for you, as long as you're not put off by the slow pace and large amount of hidden objects to find. In short, this game has MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). You go from an exciting storyline (FBI agents, memory loss) to to finding objects hidden in these rather... (OK, I'll just come out & say it) boring pictures. Oh, sure, I'm sure art critics and your grandmother will rave about these images, but for the rest of us.... Downtown Yawnsville. Some of the images had such low contrast that it was impossible to see that anything was there, even with my screen contrast turned up all the way. Sure, the beam of light around the cursor was helpful for the dark pictures, but it was no help at all for the majority, which were just too light. But some might appreciate the challenge, I realize. Not for the kiddies, though, or most of us under 70.
 | Added on: November 22, 2010
I don't follow storylines in games so no comments there but I thoroughly enjoyed this game. This isn't a game that requires a lot of hints. Although the objects were farily easy to find in most of the paintings, the "find the differences" scenes seemed to be more difficult. A great game for relaxation where no thought is required. Even those who are not art lovers will enjoy it.
 | Added on: November 8, 2010
I love good art although I am not an art connoisseur. You don't have to be old to like good art, you just have to be appreciative of the artist efforts and ability to capture the beauty of the world in which we live, in times when there were no cameras to shoot photos or videos, to render that beauty. I liked this game and I bougth it before the trial time expired because, to me, it was easy to spot the differences or the odd objects in the paintings, because the background music is not only beautiful but also very appropriate with the paintings, and because it is not timed, it is relaxing (I am a thinker not a runner. I cannot properly think if I have to rush to decide what is the best solution when the time to make decisions and play is about to expire). I don't even remember the story line and I don't care about it, but I love the choice of background music and the choice of paintings. My reasons not to give 5 stars to this game are, first you cannot go back and 'replay' a painting; second the name of the painting and the name of the painter appear only for a few seconds and you don't have a 'gallery' like the one on the "Hidden World of Art" game where you can go back and see the painting and the information; and third, the name of the musical piece used as background is not listed in the 'credits' section and I would like to know how it is called and who wrote it.
 | Added on: June 9, 2009
This was my first 'hidden objects' game and since then I have played many others. But I must say it still remains my favorite. I just can't wait until they finish the story line!!
 | Added on: October 22, 2011
The main thing I did enjoy about this game were the paintings themselves. They're like snapshots from the past so I enjoyed studying them. The music was pretty good, too- never did get on my nerves like some game music does. Several things I didn't like about it- one, some objects were called by different names than what we (in America) call them. For example, a pair of clogs are called "boots". Also, a few times, there would be more than one of the same type object but if you clicked on the wrong one, you were penalized. For example, one picture had two "grown-up" drinks hidden, but the game referred to one as a "cocktail" and the other as a "drink". If you clicked the wrong one first, you got penalized. The main thing that drove me nuts was the storyline! Frankly, it was rambling, hard to follow, and a bit stupid. The further you get into the game, the more far fetched it becomes. The end of the game sneaks up on you as "to be continued" so after playing all this time and struggling to keep up with the storyline, I'm suddenly left hanging. Game over! I won't be looking for the next game, though. I'm ready to move on to something else!
 | Added on: August 15, 2011
This is not fun. After finding objects hidden in art works you realize you're looking for the same stupid things over and over again. No diversion to keep you interested. Some are so light and blend in with other light objects they are almost impossible to find, but it's not challenging, it's just frustrating. The objects themselves aren't the color they are in real life, so that's weird too. There are some puzzles where you look for differences but this isn't hard. I just expected more according to previous reviews but I was disappointed.
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