Save the Prince 

 Save the Prince
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Save the Prince Stats
  • Enjoy 45 quirking and challenging levels of fun.
  • Explore 5 uniquely stunning locations.
  • At night, collect mana for the witch.
  • Follow a magically humorous storyline.

Game Description

Help Giselle save her beloved Prince from an evil curse of stone. Your main champions are a clever dwarf and a witch in Save the Prince, an enchanting and romantic time management game.

Prince Lucius has turned everyone in the castle to stone, including Giselle's beloved Prince Thomas. She must save him and break the curse so that they can finally be together. On this quest there are many challenges and strange foe to overcome. With the help of charming forest dwellers, Giselle and her dwarf friend persevere in this colorful adventure

Find out if there's a happy ending for Giselle or not when you play the free trial version or download the full version of Save the Prince today!