Sally's Quick Clips
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Sally's Quick Clips 

See how it all started for Sally in Sally's Quick Clips Deluxe, an exciting new challenge featuring all-new, match-3 gameplay. Arrange dyers, scissors, hair color and more into matching groups of three or more to gather resources for the special services you provide to your clients. With your help, Sally's sure to win the big prize on a hit TV show and get her career started. Play today!

  • See how it all started for Sally in this all-new prequel to the hit series
  • Match scissors, dyers, hair dye, and more in all-new match-3 gameplay
  • Pick the perfect look with fun mini-games
  • Enhance your puzzle prowess with special power-ups and unique upgrades
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Reviews of Sally's Quick Clips
 | Added on: November 12, 2009
I have all of Sally's games and I have to say this game is sooo not a Sally game !. I love time management games and to take one of the favorite and turn it into a match three really is annoying to me. I look forward to Sally's games and now Im fully disappointed in this latest one, it is nothing like the others. If you feel the need to make a match three out Sally games then put it as a mini game in between the main game. But please don't keep making the Sally games this way...and heaven forbid you do this with the "Delicious" games.
 | Added on: September 29, 2009
Overall I thought the game was cool,it's a cool twist for Sally although I personally like the other Sally's the best and hope that there will be more of those.Overall the game was good just bring back the original Sally games.
 | Added on: October 27, 2009
i like time management, and hate match 3 so i only like half the game....If you don't like match 3 well this game will be no fun too you
 | Added on: August 11, 2012
I normally don't play Match 3 games but, since I'm a huge fan of the other Sally games, I decided to give this one a shot; I'm glad I did. This game was super fun and it still had elements of the other Sally games that I've come to know and love. You make matches in order to perform salon services on customers and use the money you earn for salon upgrades, then at the end of each set of levels, you have a versus match against another stylist. It was so different from what I normally play (Time-Management games), but it was so fun and addictive. I hope they make a part two of this game in the future!
 | Added on: September 29, 2009
I love Sally's other games. I was hoping for something more like sally's salon but a little more detailed. Make up and hair style. very disappointed not a buy.
 | Added on: October 13, 2009
The Sally game changed to a "match 3". It just wasn't enjoyable. Found I was bored quickly with it, and wondered why it was changed to this format. Never finished playing it.
 | Added on: September 29, 2009
I have been waiting for a new Sally game for a long time now, and this new game didn't disappoint me! I wasn't sure about the match 3 at first, because we've all come to love Sally in her Time Management games, but this game is STILL an amazing time management game with all the favorite things that made the other Sally games so good and more! Mixing the match 3 in the Sally Universe is such a refreshing idea!!! I love the graphics too, the customers look more alive now and love the hairstyles and the voice acting is incredible! Just adds so much to the game! I love serving all the unique customers! I absolutely love the story! This gives us such a great background on who Sally is and how it all started for her, what a great idea! I woke up extra early this morning to buy this game! Now I can't wait to go back and play some more! Try I know you will love it like I did!
 | Added on: February 1, 2010
I will be honest, I was a little disappointed the first time I played this game. I really liked the other Sally games and their format, but I soon found myself once again addicted to another Sally game. I love playing this game and have played it several times now. It's definitely one of the most original games of this type, combining match 3 and time management was a great idea. This is one of the few I actually purchased, I usually use my Funpass for all others. I highly recommend this game for anyone who likes the Sally game and who likes the match 3 game. Great plot and great game overall!
 | Added on: August 4, 2010
Pretty good game. You play Sally and people come in to get various hair treatments. You must fill your meters by making matches for specific things (shampooing, haircut, hairdry, eyebrows plucked, accessories, etc). Your upgrades allow you to save more matches per item or make matches diagonally (this helped me a LOT), and all sorts of things. During the matches, all sorts of various bonuses pop up that can earn you more money, give hearts to your customers, give your customers more patience, clear full columns or rows or blocks of matches. There is a match 3 mini game in between tiers where you compete against a friend making a specific type of match. If you win, you earn a signature hairstyle that Sally can cut. Game is pretty fun, mindless but just engaging enough to keep you going. Thumbs up!
 | Added on: August 30, 2010
I was surprised and disappointed at first with Sally so out of her element but as I got into it a little more, loved all the different ways to earn bonuses and course the characters themself ... I still prefer Sally in her usual element but this game is fun
 | Added on: December 28, 2012
I love the Sally games, and this one is the perfect addition. It has a good combo of match 3 and Time Management. It's sometimes a challenge to get all the right matches to be able to perform the duties. I like the upgrades and the additions. I like the characters and their "personalities" . I found myself really enjoying the match 3, even though I seemed to be a bit slow on finding the 3 to match, which made me go back and try try again until I got the expert. LOL. I love that.
 | Added on: December 11, 2009
Wow! I forgot about Sally as it's been a LONG time since I've played her other games. I just happen to stumble upon this while searching for a game to play. Read the reviews (mixed reviews... some like it and some don't at all) and thought I'd give it a try since I enjoyed her other games. I REALLY enjoyed this cause I do enjoy most 3 match games and time management games. I just finished the one hour free trial and thought the game offered some variety while I admit it is challenging to keep up with the customers since it's been so long since I've played the Sally games especially when there's a combination of 3 match and time management going on here. So far haven't lost any customers. If you don't like 3 match games and/or time management you won't care for this but if you enjoy one or the other and have played the other Sally games and enjoyed them, I think this is worth a free one hour of play anyway. I plan on purchasing the game. I enjoyed the one hour quite a bit.
 | Added on: October 7, 2009
I was also expecting something more along the lines of the classic sally games. Match three games are boring. This was a total waste of my money and energy.
 | Added on: September 29, 2009
It's not like the other Sally games. Sally games weren't meant to be a match 3 type. There's too much going on in the game to worry about matching 3 just to do a service. Would be 200% better if like a normal Sally game....
 | Added on: October 26, 2009
I'm a big fan of time management games, but I typically hate match-3 games. Surprisingly, I liked this one. It is not your average match-3 game, because it does require some strategy. It wasn't my favorite game ever, but definitely worth playing.
 | Added on: October 28, 2009
This is a great hybrid match-3 and time management game. I typically like match-3 games more than time management games. I am a fan of both Sally's Salon and Sally's Spa games and prefer them over the "Dash" games. My 6 year old daughter likes the game too. I have to admit, it is a bit overwhelming for her and she doesn't do as well as she would like, but she still likes it. I pretty easily made it thru all of the locations and style challenges until I reached the end. I found the last challenge quite difficult and had to attempt it several times. I enjoyed going back and improving my "score" on the previous locations but was bit by some of my upgrades disappearing and having to repurchase them, beware. All and all very enjoyable and I look forward to more Sally!
 | Added on: June 9, 2010
thought it was a bit easy and babyish to start, but got more into it, and loved it enough to buy it
 | Added on: September 29, 2009
I do not like this game at all. I really liked the last two games a lot and was really excited when I saw the new one. I was sadly disappointed. I really like being able to see the salon and updating everything. I will not be buying this game.
 | Added on: October 7, 2009
I too was very excited to see that there was a new Sally game. Unfortunately, it was a match 3 game and even the shopping part was not fun at all. The game also freezes and I just gave up playing it. I hope that the next Sally game will be back to the same format.
 | Added on: December 28, 2009
i love this game! i couldn't stop playing it. highly addicting and fun!
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