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Safecracker Stats
  • Crack 35 unique safes.
  • Solve uniquely creative and clever puzzles.
  • Explore more than 30 lavish and intriguing rooms of the extravagant mansion.
  • Inside each safe, find and decipher quizzical clues that will help you in further safe cracking and eventually lead you to the master safe.

Game Description

The billionaire Duncan W. Adams has passed and his heirs are looking for his will. You're hired as the expert safecracker to find the sought after document in Safecracker, a uniquely presented puzzle adventure game.

The surviving Adams family members are hunting for the last will and testament of the deceased, an eccentric safe collector who has surely hidden the deed to his riches in one of his 35 safes. Crack them all, one at a time using scattered hints that you find throughout his extravagant mansion. You'll draw on your expertise, wits, and puzzle solving skills to earn your paycheck.

The family is counting on you and the stakes are high when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Safecracker today!
Genre:  AdventurePuzzle