Rune Stones Quest
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  • Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows XP / Windows 10
  • 1.8 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 512 MB Ram
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Rune Stones Quest 

Join the Dwarven masters on their quest to recover ancient knowledge and restore the Rune Stones in Rune Stones Quest Deluxe, a graphically rich and mystical match game. Save the Dwarven kingdom from the looming threat of the Army of Darkness and rejuvenate the land of The Mountain People. There is much to do and the kingdom needs your help!

  • enjoy rich graphics as you take a mystical journey with the Dwarven masters
  • create a settlement in the wilderness of a far off valley
  • explore 7 unique locations
  • choose from 5 different game modes
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Reviews of Rune Stones Quest
 | Added on: April 19, 2013
Only played this for about half an hour total (over 2 days) but got so bored, I deleted it from my PC. Perhaps it improves as it goes along, but I didn't really want to find out. Graphics are OK, never listen to the sound track so I can't comment on that, story's probably OK too though I didn't really follow it. Overall, nowhere near as entertaining as other Match 3 games out there....
 | Added on: April 20, 2013
This might be an excellent game for younger children with limited match 3 experience. It's fun to watch the valley transformed from nothing into a very pleasing little town. The match 3 play is very easy and quite slow, as you have to wait for all activity on the board to complete before you can make another match. I was also irritated by the similarity between some pieces. When you're playing with picks and shovels, both on exactly the same angle with wooden handles, it's difficult to easily distinguish between them. The same thing goes for corn and wheat. I found the cursor reponse time to be good, with no hesitation. There are no power-ups, but you certainly don't need them, because the game play is very easy. However, the game is very short. I played all the way through in 1 1/2 hours. As I said, children might enjoy the play, but it's too simplistic and too slow for adults.
 | Added on: April 23, 2013
This game is a very basic Match 3. Okay for mindless fun or young children. Not very challenging, so young children should enjoy playing. Graphics are nice storyline is okay. Great game for beginners and young children.
 | Added on: April 20, 2013
I didn't have the 'slow' issue the first reviewer had, but I couldn't stop yawning. This is a strange match-3, character animations were grotesque, screens were very repetitious, matching the same objects over and over and over. I did finish the game but would not recommend it to anyone.
 | Added on: April 20, 2013
This game is very boring. It is a common Match 3 game where you have to collect certain amounts of materials to build something, in this case runes. It is repetitive, dull to look at, has no bells and whistles and just feels pointless. the only minimally interesting bit comes at the end of each boring level, and that is when you find the elements to create a rune. This, however, does not make up for the general tedium. I played this game twice, for over two hours in total, and it does not get better. Believe me.
 | Added on: April 19, 2013
As expressed in another review, I also found this game too slow to enjoy. I do not like waiting until all movement has stopped to make another play, and the game has a very slow reaction time. Little or no cascading occurs, so you have to clear the board 3 matches at a time most of the time.
 | Added on: April 16, 2013
This game would be great but for two of the most irritating features for any Match 3 player. The cursor is "sticky"; i.e. it does not move on screen when you move your mouse. The second, and most irritating feature, is that when you make a match you can't make another match until the first match is done. That really slows the game down. I suppose that can be fixed. I wouldn't buy the game; I played it with Fun Pass.
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