Rune Stones Quest 

 Rune Stones Quest
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Rune Stones Quest Stats
  • Enjoy rich graphics as you take a mystical journey with the Dwarven masters.
  • Create a settlement in the wilderness of a far off valley.
  • Explore 7 unique locations.
  • Choose from 5 different game modes.

Game Description

Join the Dwarven masters on their quest to recover ancient knowledge and restore the Rune Stones in Rune Stones Quest, a graphically rich and mystical match game.

In a distant time, craftsmen of The Mountain People created five powerful rune stones. Whoever possessed these stones commanded great power over all the natural elements. The Rune Stones protected The Mountain People by recruiting all of nature to stand against threats and thieves, forcing them out of the Dwarven kingdom. Until one day a sorcerer disguised as a king found and destroyed The Rune Stones. The fields fell barren, wells dried up, and a drought was upon the land. With no protection in place, the kingdom stood under the looming threat of The Army of Darkness.

Help save the Dwarven kingdom from this grave threat and rejuvenate the land of The Mountain People. With supplies and ancient manuscripts to sustain and guide you, journey through the wilderness to gather items, clear areas, collect rune stones, and find ancient parchment. There is much to do and the kingdom needs your help!

See how brave and clever you can be when you try the free trial version of Rune Stones Quest or download the full-unlimited version today!
Genre:  Match 3