Royal Trouble 

 Royal Trouble
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Royal Trouble Stats
  • Enjoy a cheerful Adventure to rescue an unlikely pair of royal heirs.
  • Discover comedy, romance, and danger in 23 entertaining locations.
  • Take control of both characters and escape their kidnappers.
  • Find helpful items, manage inventories, solve puzzles, and play outstanding mini-games.
  • Meet humorous characters and enjoy witty dialogue from the bickering duo.

Game Description

Save two noble heirs from dastardly kidnappers in Royal Trouble, a delightfully amusing adventure with fun twists and turns.

Princess Loreen and Prince Nathaniel find themselves locked in a dungeon without recollection of how they got there. Who captured them and for what reason? Most importantly, why can't they manage to just get along in this most dire of situations? Find out in this rousing tale filled with danger, humor, and romance!

Take control of both the Prince and Princess and help this unlikely duo escape from their captors. Alternate between them as you search through the castle for exits and avoid being caught. Find suitable items to help, manage their inventories to solve puzzles, and play outstanding mini-games in search of answers. With witty dialogue, humorous characters, treacherous locations, and a precarious predicament that results in a cheerful good time, you'll understand why critics call Royal Trouble "just plain fun".

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Genre:  Hidden Object