Royal Gems
System Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 512 MB Ram
  • Uninstall instructions
Award Value: 1 Stamp
Release Date: 

Royal Gems 

Capture countless gems to claim the kings' bounties as your own in Royal Gems, a dazzling and addictive match 3 game! Use your keen and quick wit to spot required configurations and unlock bonuses. At the completion of each new challenge, earn colorful crystals to buy upgrades in the shop. Spells are at your disposal for even more points. As you go deep into the world of sparkling gems and royal bounty, you can't resist the attraction of growing your colorful treasure more and more. Keep your slot machine full for continuous upgrades! Feel the glow of amassing a plentiful bounty for yourself when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Royal Gems today!

  • Play eight enchanting episodes in more than 10 hours of gameplay.
  • Create gem collections in 160 unique levels.
  • Activate eight exciting bonuses and five fantastic upgrade levels.
  • Beat the clock and complete collections within a designated number of plays.
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Reviews of Royal Gems
 | Added on: June 27, 2013
Well, during the free trial, I loved it. So did my granddaughter (she's 10). Now that I have bought it I can only get to a certain point on the latter boards and cannot earn anymore gems - you have to beat the board to get gems. The game offers very limited instructions, no hints, and you are left to your own guessing game - and apparently I am not good at figuring out the solution to these boards with out a little help.
 | Added on: May 29, 2013
Any way you look at it, this is a poor game. There is no story line at all; there is very little in the way of instructions, and the game is simply boring. There is no incentive to play, other than earning three stars. For each level you are set a task to complete. I played one level four times before I figured out that you had to incorporate the bombs into your patterns in order to detonate them. I think anyone over 10 would get bored quite quickly, and there's nothing I can see to hold a youngster's attention.
 | Added on: June 7, 2013
I agree with another reviewer, this game didn't give you enough info to play the game. and what I did understand was just boring.
 | Added on: May 27, 2013
This could be a good game; However the creator must have been attracted to pop-ups. It seems like you play 10 seconds and then get inundated with meaningless pop-upscreens that totally detract from the game. if this game had a pop-up blocker, I would have played longer!
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