Rolling Spells
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Rolling Spells 

Prepare magical potions to save all of Fairyland in Rolling Spells Deluxe, an enchanting journey. Strange creatures have invaded Fairyland and are causing a stir among the land's inhabitants. Only the Good Fairy has the power to defeat them, but she needs your help in preparing her magical potions to do so.

  • help the Good Fairy chase off strange creatures in this magical puzzle game
  • fill potions by switching paths and get the right ingredients to the correct vials
  • work your magic in 35 fantastic levels that include Boss battles
  • collect coins for extra lives, use power-ups, and win rewarding trophies
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Reviews of Rolling Spells
 | Added on: August 31, 2011
Starting this game, I had kinda high hopes. It's an original puzzler, and I always like it when a game I start uses an idea I haven't seen used a hundred times before. Unfortunately, while the gameplay was fun, it was also extremely easy. There are three game modes - easy, normal and hard - and even though I started at hard immediately, the levels were just ridiculously easy, verging on boring even. Too bad for a game that had so much potential!
 | Added on: July 1, 2012
Liked the beautiful sorceress and the bright, fairy tale style graphics (which look much better in the game than they do in the screenshots). Wasn't so crazy about the game play, which is flipping levers to divert balls of different colors into corresponding pots. That's pretty much the game, with some variations thrown in. It's worth trying to see if that kind of game appeals to you, especially if you like flipping levers in pinball games.
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