Rolling Idols - Lost City 

 Rolling Idols - Lost City
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Rolling Idols - Lost City Stats
  • Make matches for explosive fun through more than 100 levels.
  • No worries about time, so apply sound strategy as you carefully plan each move.
  • Create longer chains of matches to earn bonuses.
  • Rebuild the ancient Lost City and defeat Nibiru the Lord of Chaos.

Game Description

Use the ancient Mayan map to rebuild the Lost City, restore civilization, and defeat the Nibiru to restore balance to the natural elements. In Rolling Idols - Lost City, a colorful, enchanting match 3 adventure game, strategy is of great importance. Collect stars to rebuild, clean up, and acquire powers. The six Elemental Gods contained Nibiru the Lord of Chaos for many years, but now he has broken loose and he's out to destroy civilization. He devoured three of the Elemental Gods and their powers, and the three left are on a mission to save their brothers and the world. Can you help them? Take your time to plan your moves and use the special power upgrades to implement your strategy. As you match elements on the game board, you earn special bonuses, unleashing explosions and lightning. Earn achievements for completing tasks and make every move count. Join the match-3 fun when you try the free trial version of Rolling Idols - Lost City or download the full-unlimited version today!
Genre:  Match 3Adventure