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Rolling Idols 

 Rolling Idols
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Rolling Idols Stats
  • Stop the apocalypse brought on by a munching monster in this fun Match 3 game.
  • Play dozens of levels and build up pyramids for his destruction.
  • Use elemental power-ups and upgrade them to more powerful versions.
  • Make matches quickly to collect more upgrade points.
  • Earn achievements and gold stars for a job well done.

Game Description

Prevent the Mayan Prophecy from coming true in Rolling Idols, a colorful matching game where quickness is the key to winning.

The big-bellied monster Nibiru arrives to bring on the Apocalypse. His first order of business is to munch down on the natural elements. A few elements remain and they need your help in saving the others from the belly of Nibiru. Only by calling on their magical powers can you rid the planet of this munching monstrosity and become its savior.

Plunge into the mysterious world of the Mayan apocalypse and send Nibiru back to where he came from. Play dozens of levels as you use speedy wits to make matches and build the pyramids for his destruction. Use elemental power-ups, upgrade to more powerful versions, and try your best to earn three stars on each level. With dazzling graphics, wonderful achievements, and frantic gameplay, this game will keep you entertained for hours.

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Genre:  Match 3