Rita James and the Race to Shangri La
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  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8
  • 2.3 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 512 MB Ram
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Rita James and the Race to Shangri La 

Note: This game doesn't have an optimal playing experience on Windows 10.
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Follow the braver than brilliant aviatrix in Rita James and the Race to Shangri La Deluxe, a daring adventure with a lighthearted twist. Months after saving her missing father Dr. James from Thunder Island, Rita is on a whirlwind adventure in search of Shangri La. A stunning turn of events has them both on the run, and only by finding the mythical paradise can they hope to clear their name.

  • join Rita and friends on a whimsical hidden object journey
  • traverse the Himalayas, escape a village filled with thugs, and encounter the Yeti
  • locate for items, solve puzzles, and escape perilous circumstances
  • enjoy six exciting chapters that pay homage to 1930's serial adventures
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Reviews of Rita James and the Race to Shangri La
 | Added on: July 26, 2014
I loved the way the story was presented, it was really entertaining, you have to play it! Gameplay is alright, not that challenging which is great by me:)
 | Added on: March 12, 2012
At first blush the game appears to be corney. Not so, the dialogue saves it, along with the characters. Reminds me of a well put together comic book I would have read as a kid. Good graphics. It's easy to manuever through the scenes...and as an added plus you can change the game's cursor for your system's without losing any of the cursor's functionality. Good mixture of HOG, objects and puzzles. The kind of game to play on a rainy afternoon with a need to be entertained.
 | Added on: March 14, 2012
The characters look like old-time cartoon. The scenes graphics are good though. The story is funny and quirky. Game play is quite challenging. HO requires a lot of items. The puzzles are not so hard, but the tasks need some thinking, as the descriptions are not exactly clear sometimes. The hint recharges fairly fast, and consumed even though it only tells that there's nothing more to do in that scene. Sometimes, it's not very useful. The tasks manager is quite useful to keep track of which scene is finished which still needs to be done. Overall, this game is good enough to play, kind of a break from those dark HOG. However, it's quite thinky and can be frustrating. So, if you're not very patient, may be you should pass this one. The content is kid-friendly, but the game play may be a little hard.
 | Added on: May 15, 2013
Graphics were ok. HO's challenging at times. Mini games I had no clue what to do with most of them, so I just clicked away. The guide that is provided is somewhat useful. But of course a map would be a definite improvement!!! Got pretty frustrated with the game, almost quit but I did finish. Also had to use a walkthrough a few times. I don't mind a bit of a challenge, but with no sense of direction and the objects where I had to click a few times, I was more then ready for the game to be over.
 | Added on: March 13, 2012
I really enjoyed this game. Cute storyline with fun characters, not too difficult but challenging enough to be fun. I highly recommend this game.
 | Added on: March 19, 2012
If you're feeling down and need a little cheering up, this is the game for you. Good graphics, your usual 'let's find Shangra La" story line, and great humor. HO scenes were a little difficult, but not impossible. You had to figure out the minigames yourself but they had a skip button. A definite reco.
 | Added on: March 12, 2012
Fun factor is in my opinion the most important aspect of a game, from the wonderful cartoon cut scenes, to the very puzzling Hidden Object scenes, this game is just simply put, fun to play. It is also quite challenging, but there is a skip function, the hint button does help you through some rough areas, which is helpful when there is no walkthrough, but part of the fun, is discovery. One more thing, I love the fact I get to keep my crowbar through most of the game.....it literally comes in handy. At least that is one man's opinon
 | Added on: March 12, 2012
i find this game to be challenging. the stroy is interesting, & the way the game maker made it funny jst makes it a better game. don't get me wrong, i enjoy the intense/dark/spooky HOGs. this is a nice break from those. jst b/c it's funny does not mean it is easy. i like that there are plenty of actual HOG scenes. i like that in these scenes u have items to find the old fashioned way, & collections of items (written in red), & u actually have to find parts of items to put together, or perform some other action to get the items written in yellow. i love the map that breaks down what u need to do in each location & checks the task off when u've done it. the specifics of the map helped me perform some of the tasks. i did have to use the hint button sometimes, but that's good. i don't want the game to be too easy. the music is perfect for a serious story w/ funny undertones. it helps me to be able to skip minigames if i want. the mini games were challenging enuf w/out being overwhelming. i think this would be a fun game to play w/ my neice and nephews (8-12 yo). gr8 job guys.
 | Added on: March 16, 2012
This had an interesting scenes and good graphics but it was just so far fetched - shooting things with a gun to get them to open? Who would think to do that? And you have to click numerous times to get something to work. Even when it's going into the correct spot it doesn't always work the first few times. Bummer. The hiints aren't really that helpful. It's just too hard to be enjoyable
 | Added on: March 13, 2012
This was a great game and I had to think things through more than I thought I would have to!! At first I thought that this game would just be quick and easy but it was a bit of a challenge. I hope that they are bringing out another version soon. I will definately try another game. I wish this one had been longer!!
 | Added on: March 16, 2012
This game was fun. I liked the cartoon characters and there is much humor in the story, actually made me lol. Worth playing.
 | Added on: March 13, 2012
I was hoping that this would be a great game for kids but it's not. If I had a frustrating time during the hour trial time trying to complete tasks than I know kids will too. There is no map to direct you if you get stuck but YOU do get stuck trying to back out of scenes to move elsewhere in this game to try to find hidden objects, etc. The graphics & music are average at best. This game failed to impress me & I had high hopes for this one for my nieces & nephews...it sounded like it would have been fun for them. ;(
 | Added on: October 10, 2012
I missed this game when it first came out, but I'm glad I found it while searching the list of HO games. The storyline is amusing, the game is unique and challenging, and you really have to use your noggin to get through some areas. The hints aren't as helpful as with other games, but you can figure everything out with a little thought. If you prefer games that are straight HO scenes then this is not for you, but if you enjoy games where you have to figure out what to do to get to the next area, with HO scenes spread here and there, then you really should give this one a try. It's a game that I actually think is worth buying.
 | Added on: March 11, 2012
This one is a talkie, with good graphics, color and excitement for the whole family. Fun people and even a grumpy monkey to play along. Lots of mini games to play. So with this in mind lets go to Shangri La, so we can make the place happy again to restore Dad's good name. Good story line as well.
 | Added on: April 3, 2012
I really enjoyed this game. It really took a lot of thinking on some parts which was a nice challenge. The puzzles were very challenging. Don't be put off by the cartoony look to the game. It was funny, cute and really made me think.
 | Added on: March 20, 2012
This is a frustrating game. Normally you can use logic to navigate around and figure out what to do next but not with this game. The hints are vague and recharge after simply changing locations. Finally, the HOP's are rare.
 | Added on: March 14, 2012
The cliff-hanger format between levels was really cute. There is an "Indiana Jones" feel to the game. Many Hidden Object games have very dark themes, so this was a nice change of pace. This game is much more lighthearted and adventurous feeling. I loved the map guide. It can help you when stuck to find your next area without having to use the hints.
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