Riddle of the Tomb 

 Riddle of the Tomb
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Riddle of the Tomb Stats
  • Refer to the interactive map as you reveal more of the territory through exploration.
  • Rediscover historical and mythical locations like the Lighthouse, the Library, and the great city of Alexandria.
  • Play challenging puzzles that reference Egyptian culture and science.
  • Enjoy over 15 hours of gameplay.

Game Description

As the young apprentice astrologer Thomas, you are charged by the great Queen Cleopatra to find your teacher Akkad and his daughter Iris in Riddle of the Tomb, an exciting adventure game set in exotic Alexandria, Egypt. Follow the trail of the kidnappers and uncover some of the most guarded secrets of antiquity.

The fate of Egypt is in the balance and Cleopatra must make crucial choices about the fate of her kingdom. Your love, Iris, has been kidnapped with her father Akkad, and the kingdom is in turmoil. To guide her decision, Cleopatra must have Akkad's prophecy.

Explore Alexandria and its magnificent monuments at the center of Egypt's great power struggle when you try the free trial version of Riddle of the Tomb or download the full-unlimited version today!
Genre:  Adventure