Real Crimes 2 - Jack the Ripper
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Real Crimes 2 - Jack the Ripper 

Uncover the notorious murderer and solve a great mystery in Real Crimes TM - Jack the Ripper Deluxe. Join two of Scotland Yard's finest as they explore London a year later, armed with new crime-fighting techniques. Use forensic sciences like fingerprinting and blood tests to search through the crime scenes.

  • Search for the legendary killer via a thrilling Hidden Object game.
  • Join Scotland Yard and investigate prominent suspects.
  • Examine the five crime scenes with new forensic techniques.
  • Solve exciting puzzles and brain-teasing challenges.
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Reviews of Real Crimes 2 - Jack the Ripper
 | Added on: February 5, 2010
I thought this game was fun, but nothing special. The objects are a bit small at times, but if you've played many hidden object games, it's not that bad -- and that's what hints are for. It was a little monotonous and I actually didn't finish it b/c it was too long, but it was fairly good while I played (until I got bored).
 | Added on: July 19, 2010
A historical-based hidden object game ... the storyline, clues and locations are revolved around the actual five murders of Jack the Ripper. Two game modes - Rookie for non-timed and Detective for timed. Untimed was much easier, did not loose time for miss/wrong/multiple clicks. Mini-games were simple, can be skipped if you choose to do so - sliding tiles puzzle, paper pieces to create note, card memory game and match the fingerprints. Many object names can mean multiple items within each scene - may need to click multiple items until correct item is found. An example: many books, a few knife and many different shaped bottles. A plus - replaying this game will give you a different objects item list, but the scenes do not change. The use of the 'hints' were needed - many objects are hidden within the darkness, or within the shadows on the edges of the scenes. Overall, the game won't be suitable for younger children due to the content. The darkness of the historical story won't appeal to all persons.
 | Added on: May 30, 2012
I have now finished this game. I enjoyed parts of it, but mostly it is troublesome. The scenes are generally too dark and the clues very often are so hidden that I find them by accident if at all. Also, you're supposed to click on a shield to get more "hints." After about the first 5 scenes, I couldn't even find the shield, so often I had no hints and kept running out of time and having to start the scene over. I think this game needs some major review to make it more reasonable to play. The storyline is fine, but I was more frustrated trying to play it than anything else. It's all timed, so you're very limited if you can't find something. Also, the minigames are not challenging.
 | Added on: February 7, 2011
I found this game to be pretty simple and straight forward. It has a lot of historical information that is interesting. The game itself though is very simple and unchallenging. It is entertaining and fun to play though. The graphics are well done and some of the items are well hidden. This was a free daily download from Gamehouse. I would recommend it as a game that is pretty straight HO and nothing else. But if you like reading History about Jack the Ripper, then you will like it.
 | Added on: April 28, 2011
I enjoyed playing this game. The HO scene's were fun, not extremely challenging, but they were fun. Not too sure about the history lesson though, because if all that evidence was found, even without DNA back seems that there would have been a suspect and arrest for sure. It makes you think though about a governmental cover up, such as the many dirty cover up's in our day that have simply been swept under the rug. Oops, did I just say that out loud?
 | Added on: January 25, 2010
If you're looking for an original game, this is definitely not it. The "hidden" objects were fairly easy to find, as they did not blend in to the back-ground like a well-drawn scene. I think my children will enjoy this as it is magic-themed, and they appreciate the hidden-object games that aren't too frustrating for them to solve on their own. All in all, very disappointing~did not hold my interest.
 | Added on: January 15, 2010
Well I must say I'm very disappointed in this game as I thought it would be interesting. Just not for me. I'm just doing a review for the free hour trial period, well almost as I still had 10 minutes left but couldn't stand it any longer. You can do this game in timed or relaxed mode. There's also no switching between modes as I've come across in some games, your stuck with the mode you choose UNLESS if you happen to finish the game and start a new one it might let you switch but I didn't get that far. I didn't come across an option to start a new game. I did the time mode and well in my opinion doesn't allow enough time to locate all the items. Some are pretty easy in plain sight while others, as my title states need a magnify glass. The one from the Sherlock Holmes game would be nice here. Also misleading on what you have to find. For example: In one scene says you have to locate TORN pieces of paper which that is actually what it is little bits of torn paper however, it ask for the same thing in another scene but come to find out its actually FULL page letters and an envelope. Also be aware of wrong clicking. Each time you do it will take 10 seconds off your time. If you find several items in a row and quickly it will add 30 seconds to your time. It was okay for about an hour but not a game I'd be interested in completing and purchasing the full version to.
 | Added on: January 25, 2010
I played the 1 hour trial game and I was impressed. I enjoyed it very much. Some of the things were pretty hard to find but that's what hidden object games are all about,aren't they? You don't want them to be too easy.
 | Added on: January 19, 2010
The game had a great plot with the "Ripper". I found in the time mode I had to quickly select all of the hidden objects that were easy to find to build up time. Then I could take more time to find the well hidden ones. It did seem repetitive in parts, as when I went back the next day to continue, I had to complete parts that I thought I had finished. The puzzles went from very easy to "I gave up". They never did explain what the value of collecting the fingerprints was (or did I miss the answer completely?).
 | Added on: January 21, 2010
Great new hidden object game. Also gives you an idea of crimes & what London would have looked like in that era Keep up the good work GAMEHOUSE
 | Added on: February 2, 2010
The objects are hidden very well and sometimes can hardly be seen without using a hint. It is very hard on the timed game because you have to concentrate on the scene to find the object in time. I wish you had alittle more time but that is what makes it more challenging.
 | Added on: January 25, 2010
Finally, a challenge! Some objects are really hard to find. I found myself using the hint button more times than I care to mention, and that can be somewhat frustrating. Graphics are beautiful, dialogue is not excessive, and the puzzles range from relatively easy to a total and complete cranial meltdown. If you are a puzzle junkie and love a good challenge, do not pass up on this game.
 | Added on: January 19, 2010
I just returned this game. As the other reviews stated some of the objects were almost impossible to find. If you did not finish a level, you had to start the same level over and over. I do not have time to sit here and play a game all day. I usually love games like this one, but this one really was disappointing
 | Added on: June 3, 2010
story line is good and true to legend. reccomend playing the non timed version as many of the hidden objects are obscure in rather muddy illustrations. The puzzles are repetitive and fairly simple. about the only thing going for it is length, but it is a long time to be so bored.
 | Added on: May 19, 2011
As an author of Ripper articles and books, and an editor on one of the magazines dedicated to Jack the Ripper, I naturally jump on every Ripper game or book that comes on the market. I seem to have missed this one first time around. It's definitely one of the better JtR games on the market, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'll deal with it purely as a game first -- really nice graphics and game play. It's much more of a HOG than a puzzle game and there aren't that many mini-games in it. The few there are fun. I found a couple of them tricky, but more a question of patience than skill. We're taken around the murder scenes in the game, and to various other venues to try and solve the case and presented with a different suspect in each location so that we can collect clues and evidence. I did find the HOs quite hard to find in many instances, and the game fell foul of my pet peeve, that is out of scale objects in scenes. I get very irritated by six feet high forks and things in totally inappropriate places. That's why I knocked it down a star. If the HOs had been more subtle, it would have got a five. The hints don't refill automatically and you have to find police badges to get new ones. You really need to use them sparingly as you can soon find yourself in trouble otherwise. There are additionally fingerprints in each scene to find, and they really are very tricky. I only found them all in about half the scenes. I played the untimed mode and I think from the sound of it, the timed mode was very tricky. You do get a sparkle to help you find an HO from time to time if you get stuck. The game was pretty tastefully done overall, bearing in mind you could hardly litter it with dead bodies. All in all a nice game. Now putting on my Ripperologist hat -- I was pretty impressed with the game overall, and the scenes were mainly very well done. Whoever did the artwork, they had taken the trouble to get the old photos and sketches and worked from them. Okay, there was obvious silliness in them, because it's an HO game, and I had to smile at some of the additons, but generally they did a really good job. I will point out to anyone that plays the game, that although poor Mary Kelly's room was grim -- it wasn't that grim!!! The usual suspects are dragged up and presented at the Ripper, and I did groan when the Royal Consipiracy was dragged up again, but the player is given the choice at the end of who they think it was, which is rather nice. Just for the record, Walter Sickert, Prince Albert Victor and Sir William Gull have been completely exonerated and they had absolutely nothing to do with the murder, despite what they say in that famous film with Johnny Depp! They didn't do it! Lol. If and when the identity of Jack the Ripper is ever revealed to the world, I'm pretty certain that everyone will say 'who?'. Very nice game anyway, and it really gives a flavour of the case.
 | Added on: December 7, 2011
It had a good blend of easy and hard to find. Though a grisly subject, it was interesting to find out supposed facts about the case and to feel as if you were part of the investigation. I like the end by which you can chose whom who think was most likely suspect.
 | Added on: July 26, 2010
I thought this was a great game. The graphics are beautiful and appropriate for the era, the items range from "fairly easy to find" to "wow is it really there". There are plenty of hints available and I admit I used more than usual. There are also 5 fingerprints in each scene that will add 30 seconds each to your playtime for that scene which is very helpful sometimes. I also liked all the information given throughout the game and that you get to pick who you feel was the most likely culprit. I plan to repeat the game and pick another culprit just so I can read why they probably did or didn't do it. Would not recommend for children or for anyone not experienced with HOG or they may be discouraged. Can't wait for more like this one.
 | Added on: February 25, 2011
This game is seriously off on the details. If you know anything about the Ripper murders (and I love studying them), this game will annoy you greatly because it doesn't bother to double check any details (e.g. a skull and a hip bone don't counts as bones), and it consistently gets it's facts wrong (of the canonical five, the only victim who is considered to have made a sound is Mary Kelly- and we're not sure if she did). Other details (e.g. barbers were called the poor person's surgeon because they had to be able to perform surgery on people) are just outrightly wrong. Other than that, the game is fun to play, and worth the 7.00 you'd spend as a member. It would have been a five star rating if it had gotten both its details and it's facts right.
 | Added on: January 19, 2010
Being a Fun Pass member enjoy playing most HO games in the relaxed mode the first time around. It enable me to home in on what I consider unexpected flaws in a game. Kind of like proof reading a game. I found a few in this game but it didn't stop me from enjoying the game. The story line is good and provides incites you may not have been aware of. You chose who you believe the is murder. One feature in the game beneficial to playing timed is finding finger prints as they extend the time for your search. However, there were two events that occur with consistency. The first is in the search for items on your list. If are searching for EX: 3 razors and find them the item is removed as expected. Another time you may have 5 razors and find the them but "razors" remain on your list and you must find another razor. Just an interesting twist to the game. I not sure how relevant this occurrence is to the game other than it may be meant to be a distraction in the timed mode. There are times you may click on an item that is not on the list and it will be removed from your screen. I am looking forward to playing this game in the timed mode
 | Added on: January 29, 2010
Boring! I felt I was going on and on and on all the time in the same pages doing the same things. The puzzles were too boring. After a while I didn't know how close I was to the end, so I stoped.
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