Rasputin's Curse™ 

 Rasputin's Curse™
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Rasputin's Curse™ Stats
  • Take an unforgettable trip in this Hidden Object search for answers.
  • Help a troubled wife and mother trace her mysterious ancestry.
  • Why is Rasputin appearing to her almost a century after his death?
  • Explore the streets of St. Petersburg and other fascinating locations.
  • Decipher tantalizing clues and solve mind-bending puzzles.

Game Description

Witness a shocking confrontation with the Mad Monk himself in Rasputin's Curse™, a gripping journey of self-discovery!

Lora has always been strangely fascinated with St. Petersburg, Russia, the birthplace of her great grandmother. Most recently, disturbing blackouts and visions of the legendary figure, Rasputin, have occurred, further fueling the curiosity about her heritage. With her marriage falling apart and in need of a break, she's now taking the opportunity to unravel this mystery for herself.

Follow Lora as she traces her Russian ancestry back to the homeland in search of answers to perturbing questions. Why is Rasputin calling for her almost a century after his death? Why does she black out? What do these signs mean? Explore over 20 locations, from a cozy doctor's consulting room to the noisy streets of St. Petersburg, and find out. Decipher tantalizing clues, find hidden objects, solve mind-bending puzzles, and come face-to-face with the unknown truth!

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