Rare Treasures - Dinnerware Trading Co.
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  • Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1.6 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 512 MB Ram
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Rare Treasures - Dinnerware Trading Co. 

Create the world's finest heirloom china in Rare Treasures - Dinnerware Trading Co., a fabulous globetrotting treat.

After inheriting the Cavendish heirloom china company, you realize that it's in desperate shape. The once grand dinnerware company is in need of new patterns to restore its reputation for elegance and quality, but you have little to no experience in this field. With the help of your trusty aid however, there is nothing you can't accomplish.

Scour the globe for the best patterns and ingredients to create striking plates with exotic accent pieces. Perfect the glaze and shape each plate, bowl, or pitcher expertly as you refine the dinnerware for the production line. Maximize production, find buyers and suppliers, and make your factories run like clockwork. From classic to contemporary, you'll be able to create the world's finest china in the blink of an eye!

Try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Rare Treasures - Dinnerware Trading Co. today!

  • Build a dinnerware empire in this enchanting Time Management experience.
  • Scour the globe to create striking plates with exotic accent pieces.
  • Find the best patterns and ingredients to perfectly refine dinnerware.
  • Maximize production, find buyers and suppliers, and make factories run like clockwork.
  • Unlock new items, patterns, and win multiple awards.
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Reviews of Rare Treasures - Dinnerware Trading Co.
 | Added on: October 6, 2010
I don't usually like these kinds of TM games, for instance, I do not like the Chocolate Factory ones. I try to play as many demos as I can because sometimes I do like them. I was really enjoying this game for the first half hour or so, and then I started to get bored. After a while of doing the same exact things, it get's really tedious. And one of the major flaws about this game was the spelling errors, as there are quite a few of them. I understand we all make them, but when you make a game, you should pay attention to every detail. You get missions to make all of this dinnerware, and you have to get certain ingrediants for each plate/cup/teapot etc. You go back and forth between countries to get different things and accept different missions. The concept is great, but the game isn't so great. I feel like most TM lovers will like this game, but I seek out more of a challenge and thrill, and making the same things over and over (especially when it is as easy as this game is) gets really boring after a while. Overall, this game is great in theory, but not in play. But, I am a Hidden Object girl myself.
 | Added on: October 21, 2010
I love the chocolatier games so I was already sold on this game. I enjoyed playing and seeking new dinnerward sets, but didn't find it as challenging as chocolatier. I think the story line could ahve been a bit more involved, there were a few times when i was travelling just to find a mission. overall enjoyed because i like this gameplay style.
 | Added on: October 12, 2010
Being a skeptic and enjoying TM games, I thought I would try this myself after reading the other two reviews. Believe them! Like the other reviewers, I enjoyed the theme of china from other parts of the world. But the tutorial is confusing, the TM part repetitive and boring - absolutely no challenge. In other words, don't bother with this game.
 | Added on: October 7, 2010
Sigh I was so excited when I saw this game. I would easily give it 5 out of 5 stars for theme. Unfortunately, for gameplay I'd only give it a 2 - mostly for lack of originality. Even when it came time to quit this game, I didn't want to go - not because I wanted to play more but because I wanted to play what I wished this game had been. I just finished playing the demo. The gameplay style is similar to Chocolatier but the big draw for me was the fine china! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this theme! I would be in my essence to be able to collect all these beautiful patterns piece by piece, but alas it was just not meant to be. Where to start... The tutorial, which is certainly lacking in some key elements (such as the ratings for the china you create) was annoying because you continue to be given bonus items which cover (literally) parts of the tutorial and when you click "ok" to get past them, the tutorial page goes with them - before you can read it! I also clicked "I already know how to play" because of this same thing - trying to dismiss a bonus. What really kills this game for me though are the mini-games you use for production. YAWN! One of them consists of scrambled plate pictures that you must rearrange - okay if it was a couple but there are way too many. I did this feature ONCE and decided I'd rather have shoddy quality than sit through that again. Another game for refining the glazes consists of you being shown 3 things you must memorize and then they are put into boxes & you must select which box contains them. A bit better than the first, but not much. Finally, the production itself consists of putting the ingredients in the proper order (about 25 times in a row) on moving targets. Can you do it? Yes. Will you want to repeatedly? No. Also, the pace of the game seemed too accelerated - I was on to the 3rd set of china very quickly, there is little challenge as the game walks you through everything literally, and I would have liked a little more sense of accomplishment for earning new pieces. The attraction of this game really is from a collecting pretty things standpoint - which I would have been ALL OVER. But the lack of any imagination in the gameplay structure leaves me flat. I was ready to buy this game outright without even demo'ing but glad I did not. My hope is that another developer will copy this theme and do it right. 2.5 stars out of 5
 | Added on: October 12, 2010
so i found that in making my dinner ware perfecting the glaze and shape were easy to accomplish. i did have more difficulty in putting the ingredients in the rite order, but was able to do it perfectly every time. granted i only played the hr demo. perhaps the game gets more difficult as u go. i liked seeing the different, beautiful china. being able to click "details" to give me a step by step of accomplishing my mission helped me, b/c i found myself forgetting what i needed to do quickly-DORK!! i hated the music-highly annoying. so, as easy as the 1st hr of this game is, i still enjoyed myself. definately not a bad game...
 | Added on: October 12, 2010
The positives in this game, in my opinion, outweighed the negatives. Then again, I didn't have that great of expectations for a game about dinnerware, and kind of downloaded it on a whim. And then I couldn't stop playing! I really enjoyed the missions of filling orders and finding the blueprints for the dishes. The only things that kept me from 5 stars were the mini-games involved in actually creating them -- it is the same memory game to glaze your dishes; and the same puzzle game to "shape" them correctly. But I liked keeping up on my supplies and filling the requests. I thought it could do without the little underlying storyline though. But for the rest of it, I was pleasantly surprised.
 | Added on: October 8, 2010
I was really excited to play this game - until I played. I thought the originality of the dinnerware theme was excellent, but that's the only thing that got stars from me. Otherwise, I found it quite boring, as you can go from level to level quite quickly. It was disappointing that the game had the potential to be original and maybe challenging, but that wasn't the case. Earning bonus products was repetitive, as was shaping and glazing. Oh, well, I gave it a try.
 | Added on: October 12, 2010
I nearly fell asleep after 5 minutes, and uninstalled it after that. It's the same play mode as Chocolatier, but it has lost that freshness for me.
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