Raptor Rage 

 Raptor Rage
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Raptor Rage Stats
  • Join the dinosaur revolution in this fun Arcade shooting game.
  • Help Ricky the Raptor battle the likes of Black Sheep, Top Croc, and KillaGorilla.
  • Shoot your way through over 50 fun and challenging levels.
  • Use power-ups and battle bosses in exciting encounters.

Game Description

Turn back the clock and help the dinosaurs rule once again in Raptor Rage, a fun and frenetic action game for the entire family.

A long time ago there lived a young dinosaur named Ricky. He lived a good life surrounded by lush forests and green open spaces where he could roam freely. All was peaceful and calm until the day the farm animals arrived to the roar of deafening chainsaws. They cleared the land, destroyed the forest, and polluted the rivers. Ricky was sad, Ricky was mad, and now, Ricky was going to get even.

Join Ricky and help him exact the ultimate act of prehistoric revenge in this hilarious shooter. Take out the barnyard army led by the likes of Black Sheep, Top Croc, and KillaGorilla in over 50 fun levels. Weave left and right then shoot to destroy but watch out because they will break apart and get even tougher to hit. Grab power-ups, battle bosses, and take back the tar pits!

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Genre:  Action