Questerium - Sinister Trinity 

 Questerium - Sinister Trinity
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Questerium - Sinister Trinity Stats
  • Explore eerie details and scenes of unusual activity.
  • Upgrade your garden of exotic and powerful plants.
  • Collect achievements as you move through scenes and levels.
  • Solve quirky puzzles and brainteasers.

Game Description

The city is ravaged and the citizens have been evacuated. As the investigator on the case, you much stop a crazed professor and rescue two missing children in Questerium – Sinister Trinity, an eerie hidden object adventure.

When a meteorite lands in the outskirts of the city, Professor Gustav discovers a strange and powerful energy coming from it. Equally interested in this curious energy and the power it possesses, the banker finances Professor Gustav's experiments with an evil machine that causes the meteor's energy to spin out of control.

Not only is the city destroyed, but also the resident plants and animals are mutating. Things are getting stranger and scarier by the minute. Can you stop the madness?

Save the city, recue the children, and arrest the professor when you play the free trial version or download the full-version of Questerium – Sinister Trinity today!
Genre:  Hidden Object