Queen's Quest - Tower of Darkness Platinum Edition
System Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1.5 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 512 MB Ram
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Award Value: 3 Stamps
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Queen's Quest - Tower of Darkness Platinum Edition 

The sins of the long-forgotten past return and haunt an otherwise idyllic royal life. Queen's Quest – Tower of Darkness Platinum Edition is a hidden object, fairy tale adventure that will have you on a noble quest.

The new royal parents enjoy a very brief "happily ever after" when their baby daughter is mysteriously taken right from their very arms. More than courage is required to save the young family from the evil power of demons that lurk in the secrets of the past.

As the powerful and determined queen, protect your kingdom and the ones you love the most when you play the free trial version of Queen's Quest – Tower of Darkness Platinum Edition today!

  • Follow the captivating, fairy tale love story.
  • Earn challenging achievements.
  • Explore detailed and colorful fairy tale scenes.
  • Complete all the challenges to unlock the bonus chapter.
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Reviews of Queen's Quest - Tower of Darkness Platinum Edition
 | Added on: October 22, 2014
This game keeps you coming back until you're done. The mini-games are great. Some are really challenging and some are reasonably difficult. The game takes you through several segments of the story with new "objectives" for each segment. You can also gain points by finding "Collectible items." I had to use the hint button about 3 times, which I consider sufficient -- not too much as in some games -- and thus not as "simple" as never using it. Great game, good entertainment, lasts quite a few sessions.
 | Added on: October 12, 2014
So what happened to gorgeous but useless Henrik???? Not a bad game, some of the mini-games were hard work, but the graphics were good. If being a Queen is really this hard, I don't want to be one. Did get annoyed that at some points of the game, you had to collect an item, go back a scene, use it and then get another item to continue on. But overall, not a bad game.
 | Added on: September 29, 2014
There were lots of puzzles, and hidden objects, but I was disappointed in the stationary action figures and the lack of story line. It ended abruptly with now resolution to the storey line. Kept me busy for about 4 hours, rather simple.
 | Added on: August 27, 2014
Overall, this game was good, if you can get past just a bit of the excessive back and forth. Map in the diary makes that easier though. With 3 levels of difficulty, you also have the choice to keep the sparkles (which I never do!), hints, skips, etc. Good challenge, length and even tolerable, soft music in the background. Decent mini-games also - nice little variety with nothing too difficult. Overall a fun game.
 | Added on: August 19, 2014
This game has everything you would want in a game. It is basically played in 4 sections (which I like). It had a bonus game, achievements and extra objects to look for in the scenes (the crown icon). The story was great, pretty scenes and no glitches. It is also a good game for replay.
 | Added on: August 10, 2014
This was a clever game with an okay storyline. Graphics and animation were well done, HO games challenging enough. Puzzles were fun except for the ones where you have to keep turning things over and over or there was no skill involved, just click, click, click. Mazes were good. I liked that you didn't need a map because you only worked in two or three rooms at a time, and the other scenes fell off. You never gathered a lot of inventory before you needed it. Overall, a good game.
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