Puzzler Brain Games
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  • Windows 8 / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 10
  • 1.8 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 1024 MB Ram
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Puzzler Brain Games 

Test your intellect and improve your cognitive ability with 20 types of quick puzzles in Puzzlers Brain Games, a collection of fast-paced problems. In four categories of cognitive capacity, quick-fire puzzles come your way in rapid succession. At the completion of each daily challenge, the next collection is unlocked. Track your progress over 90 days to see your brain's growth in Challenge Mode. You can also choose to practice a particular game type if you want to focus your improvements in a certain area. Categories of challenge include Visual, Memory, Numerical, and Word. The colorful graphics and goofy Professor Robertson character keep the mood light while your brain works hard to solve as many puzzles correctly against the clock. The science behind the games is also included. Build your brain when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Puzzler Brain Games today!

  • Choose Practice for focused improvement or take on the 90-Day Challenge to see how you improve overall.
  • Play 20 unique, timed puzzles in four categories: Visual, Word, Memory, and Numerical.
  • Engage in high quality puzzle content supplied by the world's leading supplier, Puzzler Media Limited.
  • Choose from 5 languages to play in: English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.
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Reviews of Puzzler Brain Games
 | Added on: September 30, 2013
Same games over and over and over and over and over..... BORING! Remember to set an alarm clock in case you fall asleep.....
 | Added on: July 2, 2013
This game was kind of boaring and if you want to play this game you have to be in the mood.
 | Added on: August 16, 2013
The game is okay. Not super hard, and really if you just click things, you have as good of a chance of "winning". But the sounds are annoying and you have no way to control them. The puzzles are not particularly difficult, but are boring very quickly. There are much better brain games out there.
 | Added on: June 4, 2013
You won't get drowsy, but you may get a little anxious.
 | Added on: November 21, 2013
I have played several forms of brain games, and this one is by far the most basic. There are only four types of games, and it's the same challenge over and over. All you're really tested on is your ability to get quicker. It gets boring very fast, and I don't see much brain exercise. Save your money.
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