Puzzle Solitaire
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  • Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 8
  • 300 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 64 MB Ram
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Puzzle Solitaire 

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Note: This game is not compatible with Windows 10.
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You've never seen a solitaire game like this before! Fill in all open tiles of an interesting shape with cards by only one simple rule - cards must be placed next to another one with a value of one less or one greater, regardless of the suit! It's so easy to learn you'll be placing cards in no time, but spending hours mastering the challenge. Featuring two great game modes, one fast-paced and one relaxing, Puzzle Solitaire is quality fun for the entire family.

  • Two Game Modes: Classic and Arcade
  • Rich Full Screen Graphics
  • Save Your Progress
  • Easy to Learn and Play
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Reviews of Puzzle Solitaire
 | Added on: September 10, 2010
Another fine alternative to the more traditional solitare card games. It is one of those deceptively simple games that provides more of a challenge than at first glance. Very easy to learn, and it will appeal to all age levels. If you like this, you should try Aloha Solitare. It is a notch above this one, but each have their own unique appeal.
 | Added on: December 21, 2009
this game is pretty neat...easy to learn, very addictive, and perfect for anyone who loves card games. wish they had a little more to it though but still over all pretty good.
 | Added on: September 9, 2010
This game has it's moments if you don't pay attention. I win 7 out of 10 times. I love playing it, and I am teaching my husband and grand daughters how to play.
 | Added on: August 31, 2010
this is a cool version of solitaire. the graphics are very simple. the strategy-place cards higher or lower in the appropriate place fast enuf-sometimes only a specific suit will fit in a certain slot. you can speed up the rate of the cards being shot out at you. u also have a return pile-sometimes i was so in to picking the right card that i'd forget the reserve pile. it really does help your game to use that pile. definately a game to have-never the same twice!!
 | Added on: September 7, 2010
I really like this game. Unique / original. worth purchasing. I wish you could save and come back to it without having to restart the level. As it is, if you finsh four stages then save / exit you have to restart the level when playing again. I didn't try the arcade - just the classic. The user interface could have been a bit better. If you have 20 cards left yet 10 spaces to fill there is no way to restart the level without having to click through the deck of cards. A restart level button / option would be nice and so would a hint feature (for kids) if a play is not obvious. Otherwise this game is worth purchasing and I play it regulalry (when I have time to play through the entire level) I gave it four stars and not five because of the few interface issues and not being able to save between levels. It's a great game and well done - something different.
 | Added on: July 8, 2011
I enjoy playing this game. I used to play it on line and then I decided to buy it. It is very relaxing and addictive.
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