Puzzle Blast
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Puzzle Blast 

Prepare yourself for a blast of puzzling fun with this one-of-a-kind brain-teaser. Use specially shaped ring formations to remove gems from the pictures they hide. You'll have to think fast, though; if you take your time the rings will pile up and then it's game over! Inspired by classic puzzle gameplay but given an exciting twist, Puzzle Blast is a delightful bash you don't want to miss.

  • Loads of Levels and Challenges
  • Special Items and Bonuses
  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Stimulating Soundtrack
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Reviews of Puzzle Blast
 | Added on: February 12, 2010
This game was challenging. It has rings that you must place in the same color gems. The rings come in ones, twos, and three circled rings. You must find gems that are the same color and move these rings around these gems. You can turn the rings around, but if you select the ring, it does NOT go away until you have filled up all the rings with matching gems. You must do this quickly, because, while you are matching rings and gems, the right side of the screen is also filling up with more rings to fill up with gems. You must clear ALL the rings from the screen to advance to the next level. This game is very addicting. It also keeps track of high scores. I hope you will enjoy this game as much as I did. If this review helps you, please, rate it helpful.
 | Added on: February 12, 2010
Fun and addictive. I liked the fact of having the different angle on getting rid of blocks that are not connected. Makes setting up for your next move much easier.
 | Added on: February 12, 2010
In the words of the great Charles Barkley: turrble, turrble, turrble. The game is so irritatingly bad I wish I hadn't even downloaded it. Clicks have to be precise. Click a piece and change your mind? Sucks to be you. I figured a game with graphics this outdated must have a good foundation in its gameplay. Was I ever wrong. Not even worth checking out.
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