Plant Tycoon
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  • Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 700 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 96 MB Ram
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Plant Tycoon 

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Nurture a vast variety of rare, valuable, and even magical plants in this amazing new virtual garden from the creators of Fish Tycoon. Starting with only a couple of dollars, a handful of seeds, some soil and water, discover the six magic plants of Isola by breeding and cross-breeding a seemingly endless variety of flora. Sell your unique creations to fund your research, buy better supplies, and keep your nursery running. Featuring over 500 different plants to discover, gorgeous artwork, and new surprises every time you play, Plant Tycoon is a wondrously rewarding experience. Plant the seeds of fun today.

  • Unlimited Play
  • Real-Time Technology - Keeps Going Even If Your PC is Off!
  • Over 500 Plant Species to Discover
  • Dozens of Different Seeds to Experiment With
  • Amazing Full-Screen Graphics
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Reviews of Plant Tycoon
 | Added on: November 8, 2015
Its a wonderful game, my grandmother would buy me games from arcadegames and I would be playing them forever, but the switch came and we lost a good amount of our games but hey, as long as they were just retired and not because we didn't have a funpass anymore then im fine. we aren't the richest nor are we the poorest but we are happy, this game tells the young player how plants grow usally, but the idea of overwatering is great here to
 | Added on: July 26, 2012
I actually like this game because it teaches me a little about how to take care of plants. I like the real-time idea of the game. It give me time to do something else, even play another game. My only complaint is the price of the supplies needed to take care of the plants and the prices of the rare and endangered seeds. All are much too high and it takes a long time to build up enough money to get the supplies and new seeds. Other than this it is a good learning game. Some advice that I would like to give to anyone who plays this game is that it would be a good idea to keep a little or average-sized notebook handy for writing down the name of plant seeds and the combinations used to make new plants but this is only if you feel you have the time.
 | Added on: July 31, 2009
I tried this game and quickly became frustrated. The plants grow in real time, which sounds great, but not so much for those who don't want to wait extended periods of time before your plants mature. The game starts with a minimal amount of money from which you must purchase required supplies to grow and maintain your plants. Easy enough...but step away from the game long enough (like overnight; again - it plays in real time) and your plants become diseased or dehydrated and die. I exhausted my budget quickly while trying to maintain the few plants I started with and the supplies are pricey. I planted new seeds one evening, came back to the game the following evening, and everything had died! With no money in the budget, I left the game. Great graphics and novel concept but not for the impatient. I tried Fish Tycoon with the same result.
 | Added on: August 18, 2010
I love the concept of this game and it has so much potential to be a truly fun game, but its main fault is that it's too slow! If you want to play a second game in the background or clean the house or whatever, that's fine, but when I sit down to play a game, I just want to play the game and it's really hard to do that here. Even on fast mode, it's taking 42 minutes for the plants to bud. Then they have to mature. Then they have to be pollinated, if you want seeds. Then after all that counting down, you have that extra "ready in 0 minutes" minute for each plant. Also, the supplies are way overpriced, the bugs pop up way too slowly, and there should be a way to work up to more than 15 pots at a time. Very hard to make any money. I really hope they upgrade this potentially fun game!
 | Added on: April 14, 2010
This was great for the kids (as well as myself). Nothing unapproving or inapproperate. Loved it. Relaxing. Can do other things as well as play this game.
 | Added on: January 25, 2010
I love the concept of this game but it has one or two drawbacks. The items for sale in the supplies are way too pricey. I lose the incentive to carry on when it costs more to feed and raise a plant than I'll get back in returns from selling it and it's seeds. It makes it impossible to catch up and raise more exotic species when the money coming in is not enough to buy the fertiliser (so, so expensive) it needs. Catching the bugs is a good way of supplementing the income from plants and seeds but they are far too slow in appearing. The cost of new seeds is way too dear when certain species die out in cross pollination, ... and there should be some way of recording which cross produced which plant because once the seed is planted, there is no way of knowing unless a hand written log is kept. Seed storage is minimal and once again, the cost of an additional tray is far too much. This game should be reviewed as soon as possible and amended to get some of the costs of supplies and playing times reduced quite considerably to make it worthwhile even playing the game, and that is just for starters. It takes far too long to get from start to finish with growing and harvesting then selling, I too play another game in another window while it's going on. This game produces more frustration than satisfaction but the initial concept is still good. So come on Gamehouse, take serious note and put in some updates for us virtual gardeners to be able to enjoy this game far more than we do at present.
 | Added on: June 17, 2010
I have for the most part enjoyed this little game. First of all, it is nice to have something that doesn't involve shooting or killing someone. I read some of the reviews and I agree with one particular reviewer when he was mentioning the drawbacks that should be adjusted. The state of our economy seems to be the case with this game too. It cost more to buy things you need then what you can earn! The supply market has way too high of prices to make it even slightly possible to get ahead. The idea is a good one but for such a slow paced game the rewards have to be attainable. I also think there is not enough instruction on how to achieve the goal of making new "healthy" plants that can earn back more then what was put into the growing them. And when planting the seeds, there is no way of remembering what you planted unless you have a tablet handy and write everything down. I like the idea of catching bugs but it isn't enough to satisfy during the time of waiting for the plants to mature and then make a seed. The time passes way too slow. It was a good idea to have a pause the game choice, but faster should be faster! I'll keep playing but I do hope you take this review to heart. Thanks!
 | Added on: July 31, 2009
This game is played in real time, however, once your income increases, you have the option of speeding up the game. This game is very addictive and a joy to play!
 | Added on: July 13, 2010
This game has so much potential but it takes a lot more patience than I have. Lots of things take way too long to do and you are forced to sit and wait. You can't sell your plants unless you sit and do nothing while you watch the screen and wait for the apparent random sales, plant by excruciating plant. You cannot affect the sales except by pricing your plants very low. But then you can't make the money to allow you to get ahead in the game. And don't dare sell SOME of your plants and not all of them if you want to keep track of which pot has what breeding experiment in it. the game scrambles the plants when you come back from selling. Really annoying! And not nearly enough room to save seeds, as if seeds too up any real space... I don't have the patience for this one but I wish they would redesign it to make it logical... it could be a lot of fun because it is unique.
 | Added on: May 22, 2009
You get to experiment by cross-breeding different plants, collecting seeds, pricing and selling plants. I was getting up each morning and going straight to the computer to see how my plants "made it" overnight. LOL
 | Added on: January 19, 2012
I have always liked this game, since I first got the trial several years ago. Though I do own this on disk somewhere, I bought it again so that I'd also have it in my list. This is a fun, yet challenging game, as time is in "real" time. My only suggestion on this is to lower the prices for supplies and let us start out with more money to get supplies with. Great game.
 | Added on: August 2, 2010
I find the game enjoyable, especially as I have never gardened, ever! I am actually addicted as I play almost every day for 2 months now. I control the time involved by using the time options of fast, normal, slow and pause time. Often I will plant, then close the game and come back to it later while they grow. I either play another game while on fast mode, set it to slow before I go to sleep, pause time when I go to work or will be away from it for several days. I would like to see an advanced version with many upgrade options such as many more seed box options to obtain, more nursery upgrades, and the ability to sell and grow plants simultaneously, more levels of play with more plants to obtain. Creating hybrids does have appeal, and it's challenges. The stats are interesting though due to the details in the game, the stats could have more options to add for those interested in tracking other details. Overall I enjoy the game and look forward to future advanced versions.
 | Added on: September 3, 2010
I've had this game for quite a while, and realize I haven't reviewed it yet. I like this game, and it has a lot of potential. You get to grow plants, feed & water them, and in the end make some money selling them at the nursery, where you can purchase upgrades to attract more buyers. The time for the plants to mature is slow. You also have to watch for bugs that will make your plant sick, and if you don't keep them watered, they will die. So, if you get busy elsewhere in the house and forget them for a while, you're screwed. The cost of the fertilizers, plant growth, and other helpful items are terribly expensive. You can cross-pollinate seeds to come up with other varieties that you can sell for more at the nursery, but unless you keep a handwritten record of which seeds mix with other seeds, it's a guessing game. You do have the opportunity to collect a variety of bugs that you keep in jars. I'm missing only two, and I've never seen them come across the screen yet while I'm playing. If the growth time was shorter, helpful plant items cheaper, and a larger area for plants, this game would be awesome.
 | Added on: May 2, 2011
This is so relaxing!! I would keep game running overnight just to see the plants grown!! I sell them in the morning, and plant new ones in the afternoon! I recommend this game to anyone!!
 | Added on: December 3, 2012
I absolutely LOVE this game! I read the review where the woman's husband almost had to stage an intervention, she was so obssessed with playing this game. I can relate. I love the relaxed nature of the game, the choice between real-time and a faster pace for plant growth. I love the ability to combine plants and flowers to come up with new species--I just love this game! What I want is an updated version. I want more variety of both plants and flowers, more ways to combine them to create new items, less weird looking people, more space to keep seeds, a chance to plant more than 15 plants at a time. I want to be able to fill all the pots with soil and then with water at once, rather than having to do them all one at a time (though I also want the ability to do them one at a time when I need to). I want to see this game updated, but kept in the same format. I would hate to lose the relaxed nature of the game. I would love to see how truly beautiful this game could be in an updated version. PLEASE--give us a new version of this one! I'll be your first customer.
 | Added on: January 5, 2010
Very slow although there are some cheats around it. The biggest disappointment is not having a plant gallery for the plants you have discovered (as well as the plant parents you used to get the plant) so it is very annoying and time consuming to keep a table of the plants discovered and what parents were bred to get them. Taking a massive amount of notes shows a lack of quality control / game testing during game development. There also needs to be a seed gallery and also a seed storage where you can store more seeds. The same seeds should be allowed to be stored in the same slot. There is definitely not enough seed storage. The nursery also needs to have a 'Sold Out' in the status bar so you know when all of the plants are sold without having to count the number of sold signs. The bugs are a great feature - as well as the bug gallery - although there needs to be a list of bugs captured. pop out showing the enlarged bug would be a good feature as would a description if the bugs are real (which would make tis a wonderful educational program) Lumping the number of plants found in the sub screen of the bug gallery seems a bit amateurish - especially since the goal of the game is to find the six magical plants. There REALLY needs to be a deluxe version with the plant gallery (which shows the parents bred to get the plant) as well as more seed storage - even a seed store screen where it costs $1.00 to store the seed. Not having a 'Sold Out' message in the nursery screen is unexcusable as is not having the name of the plant indicating it's a new species found in the greenhouse screen. This game is very good - although it would be much better / great with the features that SHOULD HAVE been included in it in the first place. Hopefully a deluxe version is in the works and will include these features.
 | Added on: December 22, 2009
Way too slow. You have to play another game at the same time while the plants grow.
 | Added on: October 26, 2009
In Plant Tycoon, you learn to grow a wide variety of plants, cross breed them, run a business to support your greenhouse, discover new hybrids and mysterious plant DNA ... I love simulation with a bit of a role playing feel (i.e. - Pretend you are a chemist in a lab; learn your work and interact with clients) so it sounded great! Not so in practice. I'm fine with the "real time growth" mechanic. The problem is that unless you have a secondary computer or use your PC very little, having the game running is just not worth it. Why have it running? You cannot window nursery sales. Although plants grow, need, and die while you are away or the game is off, you cannot get them OUT of your greenhouse without having the nursery screen up to sell. Selling could take an hour wait and you cannot use your computer during this period. It might take longer if you have many plants or if you originally set the price too high. Each time you click off the nursery screen, whether it be to check on plants or your email, the process either pauses or restarts. If I am incorrect about this it certainly appeared that way as I tested sales for an entire afternoon, both with the screen up and with it tabbed down. There was no FAQ anywhere to tell me otherwise. The other problem is that there is no time control option. I read online that an option appears to make it faster some point later in the game, but you have to get there first. And what if you want to make it slower/pause? You can't. It says in the tutorial you can, but these things don't appear to actually be an option. There are good things about this application: The music is very nice. The concept is interesting. I would have loved to see what the cross pollination discovery was like. However, there is something off about the design. It's not a game, not a business sim, and not a designable screen saver. Since you cannot run it in the background and it is not automated, the only way I could see Plant Tycoon fitting into a person's schedule is if they rearranged a daily task like making dinner around checking the plants and letting them sell. That seems more like the game is controlling you than you controlling it. I downloaded this game as a free trial and have already deleted it. [On the one hand, I was grateful to be able to try this out. On the other hand, it's not a very good choice for this kind of trial model (with streaming ads). Waiting for one of the very short, normally completely reasonable ads takes almost as long as an entire play move.]
 | Added on: March 25, 2012
The first time I downloaded and played this game my husband nearly had to stage an intervention! I was consumed with finding/developing the "special" flowers, making money and getting better supplies; most of my free time was spent sitting in front of the computer until I realized that I needed to take a big step back. I have learned to control my obsession and can now enjoy a casual game of trying different combonations to grow interesting flowers, selling them at the market and catching the bugs running around the greenhouse. I can stop anytime I want (bwahahaha).
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