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Plagiarii Stats
  • Go on a breathtaking journey with Evelyn to find out who she is.
  • Enjoy an incredible and unpredictable storyline that will blow your mind.
  • Play tons of challenging hidden object tasks and interesting mini-games.
  • Explore weird and mysterious locations and enjoy very detailed graphics.

Game Description

Unusual events and memory loss have Evelyn baffled. Awaking in a strange place, locked up and confused she begins an exciting adventure in Plagiarri, an extraordinary hidden object journey.

Enter Evelyn's life in the instant is has changed. People have disappeared. You are time traveling and encountering a curious and unknown intelligence. There are so many challenges and obstacles to overcome. Piece together the mystery to learn the truth and stop the evil.

Find the love of your life and present humanity with a priceless gift when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Plagiarii today!
Genre:  Hidden Object