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  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1.8 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 1024 MB Ram
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Award Value: 3 Stamps
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Take part in the ultimate treasure hunt with Pickers Deluxe, a game where dust and rust will pave your way to riches. The competition is on to find out who is the best Picker. As owner of the Rusted Gold antique shop, you're one of the chosen to participate. Start up the van and head on out across the country because you have shelves to fill, auctions to run, and money to make.

  • find gold at the bottom of a barrel in this fun hidden object search across the country
  • scour junkyards, barns and basements for the best finds at the best prices
  • shine your items up or sell them as is to see if you can turn a profit
  • haggle with quirky characters and consult experts to avoid being hoodwinked
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Reviews of Pickers
 | Added on: February 28, 2012
This game was even more fun than the show. It took me a little bit to figure it all out, but after I did it was so much more fun. Great replay as well. You can try to beat your last game, fun family game.
 | Added on: December 27, 2012
Bought this for my husband BC he loves the TV show. He's absolutely addicted and loves it!!!
 | Added on: December 19, 2011
Horrible game. Did not like it at all. Was expecting a true HOG with HOS but it disappointed at every turn.
 | Added on: January 2, 2012
If you are someone who enjoys antiques and flea markets in real life, you will love, love, love this one. A great twist on the Hidden Object game genre. Would recommend for any adult. Also has good replay value. Hope for a sequel.
 | Added on: December 19, 2011
This is much more than a HOG game, if you want to compete against other pickers or obtain sufficient funds to rank at the top of the list of the good pickers. You have to be able to "haggle" with the owners to buy at lowest prices, recognize what people will buy, and then price the items correctly to maximize your profits. In addition at times you have to be willing to take items to the auction and gamble that you will get a return on your investment. Some of the locations are truly "junk piles" that have little of value and others have a large selection of items of great value. Remember " one man's trash is another man's treasure" You just have to be able to get the right pieces to the right people and you will make a fortune.
 | Added on: January 3, 2012
This game not only encompasses a seek and find aspect, but there is also the interesting additional twist of finding the items your customers most desire. On top of that, there are sets of items that can be paired, but you have to recognize they go together and find them. All in all, if you like seek and find games but are slightly bored with the repetition- this game is probably just right for you. It has just enough of a unique angle to make it really interesting.
 | Added on: January 9, 2012
My hubby and I played this one together, and both of us really enjoyed it. We have watched some of the "picker" tv shows, so it was kind of a cool game for us to try. We enjoy searching through the different locations, and trying to figure out the best way to maximize our dollars. And it was involved enough that a couple of nights we stayed up way to late because the time flew by. Now we are playing another 30 day challenge and trying to get more trophies this time. Fun game!
 | Added on: January 3, 2012
I love thrift stores, yard sales, bargains. You need to pay attention to what each vendor is offering, making sure you slide your cursor over the entire field. You may need to come back later to match stuff up. The yardsale lady does not bargain, but she only has a couple things you need. Matching up stuff pays big! Click on everything as it may not be in the category that you're thinking it should be. You can put it back if you don't like it. Start at zen a couple of times to get the hang of it. Have fun!
 | Added on: December 19, 2011
I had more fun with this game! Getting ready to replay it, I want that top score. I thought the aspects of running the store and of the auction were original and fun. I just wish it had been longer. Great game.
 | Added on: December 19, 2011
This game is brand new concept. It has some hidden object screens, which are very well done, with objects that are clean and well rendered. It also includes a buy/sell competition where you work to earn the most money for your store. You have a map with different interactive locations. You can choose which area to go to in search of items. This assures that the game is going to be different every time you play. I like the fact that there is no clock running, so you set your own pace. There are many different special view areas in each region, so there are plenty of places to search and many items to locate. This is definitely a family friendly game. The graphics are excellent, so children and grandchildren will enjoy playing along, and they will probably learn some interesting things along the way. Personally, I think that this is the best new game to come along in quite a while. If I were going to purchase just one game per month, this would be on the top of my list. The best part of my experience with this game, however, is that I was able to get it for free. GameHouse lets you accumulate "Reward Coins", and they can be redeemed for free games (among other things), and although I would have been happy to buy the game outright, getting free was even better! Cudos to the developers for excellent concept and execution. Please keep producing more games of this caliber.
 | Added on: January 1, 2012
This is truly one of the best games I've played in 2011! Traveling from location to location rummaging through scenes to find articles to sell back in your store kept me busy for hours and was so addictive that I didn't want to stop. It's a different take on the standard HO game whereby you're given a list of 3 "hot" collectable categories and then it's up to you to find items in those categories to sell in your store. There are true HO scenes in each location and completing them may earn you a free item (one that you don't have to haggle over) that you can sell for a profit. Trying to pick a category for Easy/Challenging, Relaxing/Fast Paced, and Clicky/Thinky was tough because it all depends on the game mode you choose to play. It's Easy to find items but Challenging to price them correctly to make a profit. It can be Relaxing but if you want to compete against other dealers it can be Fast Paced. It's definitely Clicky but you have to Think about which items will be best sellers back in your store. You'll just have to try it to see what I mean. So far I've only played in the Zen mode (no timers and no competition from other competitors) which left me plenty of time to rummage to my heart's content. Your van holds 7 items each day so trying to figure out which items to pick up kept the gameplay from becoming boring and despite the fact that you visit the same locations again and again it did not become tedious. Once back in your store you choose the price at which which you'd like to sell your latest picks and if there are no buyers you have the option of having them sold at auction. You will love the auctioneer. He reminds me of Gabby Johnson in Blazing Saddles! I enjoyed this one so much I bought it and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Children might even learn a thing or two along the way about the value of objects and the principles of supply and demand. Definitely take a look at this one but be prepared to become immersed in the world of Pickers!
 | Added on: October 1, 2012
This game makes you pick and choose how many points you want. I recommend you auction everything you get. You are more likely to get more money that way.
 | Added on: January 15, 2013
I found this game very engrossing. I like the idea of finding hidden objects, buying them off their owners and then selling them for a certain price to try to make a profit! The auction feature was very handy for selling when starting out since I didn't know the best way to price the items. I loved the idea of pairing up 2 halves of an item to make a better profit! I couldn't give the game 5 stars though because a few things bothered me. I had difficulty finding the high scores and at first I actually thought they weren't anywhere! You need to go to the achievements page to find them! The levels were very easy even when I was first starting out! I know you can expect the easiest level to be suitable for beginners but I beat the computer "competitors" by miles on the expert level on my first attempt (3rd game I had played). I would have preferred more of a challenge. That being said though my 10 yr old niece enjoyed playing it and it wasn't too hard for her! I found it hard to pause the game in the middle without forgetting what items you already own and where you are up to. That means my preferred way of playing is all 30 days in one sitting which takes a lot of time! I don't bother playing it unless I have enough time to play all the way through! Overall I consider it a good fun game, very addictive, easy, and it can be fast paced or relaxing depending on how much of a hurry you are in to get back to the store. It is a bit hard to stop playing at times. If you like a challenge though you may find this game frustrating unless you are happy to try to beat your own score!
 | Added on: December 21, 2011
When I downloaded this game I didn't have any great expectations of it but I have to say I thought the game-play and different slant on the Hidden Object game very entertaining. I normally prefer HO games with a good puzzle element which this doesn't really have, but it will challenge your memory, trying to remember where you saw an important item that you know will make you lots of money when the hot category demands a particular item type Like the previous reviewer i too have found myself replaying which is a first for me on a HO game. The chance to beat the auction house with my own pricing is driving me on. Try it, I don't think you will be dissapointed
 | Added on: January 2, 2012
really enjoyed this game. it's like a HOG in that u find items. what's so cool is that they give u categories of things that are in demand, and u go to locales to find items that fit in these categories. i like that u can put items back, that u can go to different locales if u don't find what u want. the "ask the expert" button is really helpful in setting prices. and the auction option is cool-i made lots of money most of the time when i had items auctioned off. having to pay a percentage to the auction house made it more authentic. i enjoyed looking for items that fit together, too. sometimes they were not found in the same place, so u had to try to remember where u saw other part. very challenging.all in all a different take on HOGs and i guess TMGs. i loved it. cool idea, guys.
 | Added on: December 20, 2011
This is a fantastic game! It combines hidden object searches with learning to search for, price, and sell the items that are found. The auctioneer is so fun that I wanted to auction items just to see/hear him again. This game also has great replay potential, since you can choose the locations for each search for items to purchase and then sell. In fact, I've already started to replay it, to try for a better score. Thanks for a great game!
 | Added on: December 19, 2011
I love this game! Even my husband likes the game(he doesn't like any computer games). He got hooked just watching me play;) Hope there's more to come!
 | Added on: December 29, 2011
I love this game. You can play Zen, Regular and I think there are two more levels like advanced, and then expert. I have only played Zen, and I have played it 3 times. You have to find keys to unlock another area and I haven't even played that area yet. There are so many hidy holes that I didn't find them all the first time I played. You have to find 40 keys to unlock the other area, after playing this for 3 times I have found a total of 44 keys, and I am wondering if I missed some of them. This really holds my interest, I am going to try the other levels eventually but I am having so much fun learning where everything is at. Some things go together and you may have to get them from different vendors. This is a great addictive game.
 | Added on: December 19, 2011
This puts a different twist on the HO games but I liked it. Nice job!
 | Added on: December 20, 2011
This game is way much better than the cartoonish front cover. It opens with a great 3-D graphic (and MumboJumbo advertisement). It's a HOG, and finding objects is easy. In fact, you return to some sites and pick them clean, leaving no articles behind. Suffice it to say, those venues aren't particularly challenging. However, once you've made your choices, you have to bargain with someone for the purchase price, and some of those characters are downright unfriendly if, like me, you consistently try to buy too cheap. Then you have to try to price your stuff right so that it will sell, and you hopefully come up with a profit. So you travel around the country in your van, picking things up, bargaining, then selling. The game doesn't give great instruction, so I find myself still trying to figure some things out, like whether I'm supposed to be going after kitchen appliances or tools, etc. I'm not sure yet if for me this game will be a favorite or an uninstall, but one thing that's certain is that one has to become involved with the bargaining and selling feature of the game. As a strict hog, it's not challenging enough to become a favorite. It's worth a download to see if it's your cup of tea.
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