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Phantasmat Stats
  • Play the Premium Edition which includes an additional Epilogue adventure, an integrated Strategy Guide, a full game soundtrack, exclusive Wallpapers, and more.
  • Discover startling secrets hidden beneath muddy waters in this Hidden Object nightmare.
  • Search a forgotten town and an eerie hotel with mysterious guests for answers.
  • Play the game in Hidden Object mode or switch to Match 3 at any time.
  • Solve manic puzzles and use valuable tools in dark, yet beautiful hand-drawn scenes.
  • This game title is intended for mature audiences only.

Game Description

Rediscover and resolve a long forgotten tragedy in Phantasmat, a haunting trip through the darkness of a sunken town.
Stranded in the middle of nowhere after crashing your car, you stumble upon The Drowned Dead Hotel, a lonely structure leaning perilously close to a cliff. Below it lies a dark and cold lake that submerged a once lively town. What tragedy befell this place? The strange inhabitants of the hotel know the answer and hide its secrets, but they aren't about to tell you, and worst of all, you are not allowed to leave.
Discover the startling secrets buried at the bottom of the muddy waters and find a way out of this eerie nightmare. Search through dark yet beautiful hand-drawn scenes filled with a frightening atmosphere as you uncover the truth of this tragedy. Solve manic puzzles, use valuable tools, and change your Hidden Object gameplay experience to Match 3 puzzling when desired.
Critics love Phantasmat calling it "an essential download if you consider yourself a connoisseur of hidden object adventures." Experience it for yourself when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Phantasmat today!
Genre:  Hidden Object