Penny Dreadfuls™ Sweeney Todd 

 Penny Dreadfuls™ Sweeney Todd
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Penny Dreadfuls™ Sweeney Todd Stats
  • Capture the demon barber in this incredible Hidden Object musical.
  • Track down evidence through the dark streets of old London.
  • Investigate key areas that hold a key to his sinister operation.
  • Solve bewildering puzzles to uncover facts and get one step closer.
  • Enjoy an exhilarating soundtrack and gorgeous scenery.

Game Description

Hunt down the wicked barber of Fleet Street with Penny Dreadfuls™ Sweeney Todd, a seek-and-find musical account of greed and murder based on the original grim tale.

There's something dreadfully wrong on the streets of old London as people are disappearing without a trace. The city's finest are on a search for clues to solve these strange occurrences, but little do they know that the evil hides right under their nose, masquerading as a barber. Step into the shoes of a London constable and catch the diabolical killer before he strikes again!

Track down evidence found throughout the dark and dingy streets of London to uncover his gruesome operation. Investigate key areas and solve bewildering puzzles while enjoying an exhilarating soundtrack and gorgeous scenery. Critics give Penny Dreadfuls™ Sweeney Todd 4 ½ stars out of 5 and call it "an incredibly polished adventure with beautiful visuals, well done hidden object sequences, and fiendishly clever puzzles".

See for yourself when you try the free trial version or download the full amazing version of Penny Dreadfuls™ Sweeney Todd today!
Genre:  Hidden Object