Pahelika - Secret Legends 

 Pahelika - Secret Legends
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Pahelika - Secret Legends Stats
  • Explore a stunning world of adventure puzzle fun
  • Solve a unique series of original challenges
  • Follow a riveting story that spans time and space
  • Enjoy relaxing gameplay with no timer
  • Immersive yourself in gorgeous graphics and stunning scenery

Game Description

Slip away to a breathtaking world of brain-teasing puzzles in Pahelika - Secret Legends, an immersive adventure game featuring a huge variety of original challenges.

It is an old tale, told many times before. A mighty enemy overtakes a simple people, leaving their banished king to wander the wilderness alone. But the king discovers an ancient magic and returns to free his people from the terrible tyrant. Knowing his magic must not fall into the wrong hands, the king orders it buried in a maze of puzzles and pitfalls, its existence shrouded in secrecy. Over time, the secret became legend and the location of the magic was lost. Until one day, a curious seeker uncovered the secret. And so begins a new tale, one of questions and answers, challenges and triumphs, and powers beyond imagination.

Journey to the incredible world of Pahelika - Secret Legends and find the truth behind the stories in this gorgeous adventure game. Travel to a variety of locations and solve unique puzzles using only the items you find. Each stunning scene is a beautiful landscape of magic and mystery, hiding the answers you seek and pointing the way to your destiny.

See why critics have called Pahelika - Secret Legends, "a very enjoyable puzzle-adventure that will put your wits to the test," free with the trial version. Or, download the full unlimited version and experience this incredible game again and again.
Genre:  ActionPuzzleBrain