Oriental Dreams 

 Oriental Dreams
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Oriental Dreams Stats
  • Enjoy a soothing Match 3 experience.
  • Help a young girl recover her memory.
  • Match mystical runes in 50 levels and six unique play varieties.
  • Call on the fiery displays with purchased power-ups.
  • Play entertaining hidden object mini-games.

Game Description

Test your mind and spirit with Oriental Dreams, a relaxing journey of discovery and enlightenment.

A young girl awakens in a small plaza with no recollection of how she got there. Only a book in her hands lights a spark to her memory, but the book itself is filled with strange puzzle boards and runes. As she begins to solve these, her memories slowly return, giving hope to what may eventually reveal all answers to her questions. But as she progresses through the book, the puzzles become more cunning, truly testing her mettle. Will she be able to solve all of them?

Help the young girl find the answers she is looking for by taking this challenge yourself. Clear 50 dazzling board levels, matching runes with six different play varieties. Call on the fiery displays of a dragon's help with purchased power-ups. Play hidden object mini-games, earn special achievements, and unlock those memories!

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Genre:  Match 3