Orbyx Deluxe 

 Orbyx Deluxe
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Orbyx Deluxe Stats
  • Help four friendly witches regain their magical powers in this fun Arcade challenge.
  • Bounce and blast your way through 50 levels using skill, timing, and luck.
  • Enhance your abilities with magical spells and other powers.
  • Push your skills to the limit with 100 bonus challenges.
  • Enjoy and absorb yourself in dazzling effects and an orchestral soundtrack.

Game Description

Save mankind from the destructive forces of chaos in Orbyx Deluxe, a mesmerizing and colorful Pachinko-style challenge.

For centuries, four elemental witches protected the earth realms from danger until the day an evil sorcerer betrayed their trust. He locked their magical energy in the mysterious Orbyx then smashed it into tiny pieces spread throughout the world. As the kingdom's greatest explorer, you have been sent to meet the witches and help recover the Orbyx pieces so that they may once again protect the earth realms.

Join the four friendly witches on an epic adventure across five mysterious realms and help recover their stolen magic powers. Bounce and blast your way through 50 fantastic levels using skill, timing, and a little bit of luck to collect all of the golden Orbyx pieces.

ith amazing graphics, stunning magic spells, 100 bonus challenges, and an absorbing orchestral soundtrack, Orbyx will captivate you with it's thrilling sights and sounds.

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Genre:  Action