NiBiRu - Age of Secrets 

 NiBiRu - Age of Secrets
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NiBiRu - Age of Secrets Stats
  • Explore 80 locations of breathtaking scenery.
  • Enjoy multiple chapters of intense, detailed storytelling..
  • Interact with over 35 informative and interesting characters.
  • Play at the intersection of history and legend.

Game Description

As Martin Holan, travel to Prague to examine a newly discovered World War II tunnel. And so begins your exhilarating adventure begins in NiBiRu - Age of Secrets, a hidden object adventure game with a unique story and an intriguing convergence of Nazi secrets and the demise of the Mayan civilization.

You are happy to be leaving your archiving job to help your uncle understand the newest discovery of a back-filled tunnel under the streets of Prague. When you show up for the rendezvous with the woman who can allow you access to the site, you discover that she has been murdered. Resourcefully, you find a way not only to access the site, but also to piece together clues of the dark and dangerous story that is unfolding.

Beware that your curiosity doesn't get the best of you when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of NiBiRu - Age of Secrets today!